Lexi and Danjela

About the Tour

In this tour around the beautiful Okanagan valley you will learn about the three main types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic) all in one amazing information packed trip!

Geo Tour

Knox Mountain Look Out

We will travel on a high end school bus to the first Knox mountain look out. from there you will be introduced to tectonic plates, glacier movement, volcanic moment and plate moment. You can see the wood mill, Myra canyon park, the beautiful Okanagan lake and much more. We will also show you where the fault lines run up the Okanagan lake and will explain to you about haw the lake levels have changed from very high to the level it is at now.
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Gormans Mill

we will travel on the same excellent school bus to Gormans mill. Across from Gormans Mill you will see conglomerate rock. This rock was made with other rocks being pressed against it for thousands of years forming rocks inside of rocks inside of rocks. You will also find coal, thin black layers in the side of the mountain. The coal formed from being in intense heat for a long period of time.
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Mt. Boucherie

We will travel on a luxurious school bus to Mt. Boucherie which is located in the west bank area. You will learn about the history of Mt. Boucherie and how it use to be a volcano, or how it has shrunk in the last 50 million years because of rock slides from snow and rain. Another fun thing you will do will be collecting samples of extrusive igneous rocks made from lava ( you can tell they are igneous because of the holes in them).
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Are next stop on our luxurious school bus is layer cake mountain. The theory of its unique appearance though not agreed on by sciences that the lava dried in layers over one another. The layers on Layer Cake Mountain are slightly slanted in one part, why? Because of plate movement. We think that the plates moved as the molten rock was cooling and then it shifted it in a different position and then the rock cooled and hardened
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The Quarry

We will reach the Quarry (again) on our spectacular school bus, the Quarry is located by the trestles. You will find samples of metamorphic rocks which have been compressed because of heat from the center of the earth and the weight from other rocks making the rock look like theres layers.
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Thank You!

We hope you find our trip informational and entertaining! Enjoy your trip:)))))