The DiPiet Beat

March 16 - 20, 2020

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The DiPietro Virtual Backpack

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About this week and some more....

Happenings for this week:


  • Report cards available online & i-Ready results will be coming home in backpacks

Looking Forward:

  • 3/26 & 4/9: Bingo Night for Families have been cancelled.

From the Principal's Desk

Hi DiPietro Families,

This is been a rather eventful week. I will keep this message brief because there has been a lot of written correspondence from not only me, but Mr. Marano as well.

While I know that the world's pandemic has been at the forefront of many of our minds I would like to use two short paragraphs to focus on our number one priority....our little ones. :)

Every day our Pre-K - 3rd graders have been coming and showing readiness to learn. Below are a few pictures that capture our week. Your children should be able to respond to the "Ask Me About" questions below as it focuses on their learning. These next two weeks are a great time to take advantage of our "Mrs. Cavossa's Bedtime Stories section" below.

Please view this letter as it outlines the next two weeks. I urge you to read it in its entirety as our staff have worked hard for your children these past few days to prepare for "an in the event of case" which came sooner than we anticipated.

I am looking for ways to have some daily contact with with your children. Stay tuned!

Your principal,

Mrs. Friedman

Ask Me About....


  1. Show me how to do The Turtle.

  2. Tell me one kind thing you did this week.

1st Grade

  1. Ask me what the attributes of a triangle are.

  2. Tell me the values of a penny, nickel, and dime.

  3. Give me an example of a word with an r controlled vowel.

2nd Grade

  1. What vowel teams can make the long e sound?

  2. How many continents are there? Can you name them?

  3. Name 3 things in your house that are shaped like a cube.

3rd Grade

  1. Ask me how to find the area of an irregular shape.

  2. Ask me to share a strategy I use to calculate perimeter.

  3. Ask me to restate questions in complete sentences.


  1. ...In Art, ask Grade 2 what technique we used to make their monster eye?

  2. ...In Art, ask your child the name of the book we read about the “monsters”?

  3. ...In Music ask Grade 3 to play a song they learned on their recorder.

  4. ….In Physical Education (M, T, TH) What are your favorite games to play outside?

  5. ….In Library ask your child about The Book Fair

  6. ….In Library ask your Student about how we pick just right books