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Thank you! Attendance Webinar, Multi-tierd Approach, & more!

Good Day School Counselors!

Thank you for a productive and informative PLC last Friday. Our passion for elementary school counseling was evident to Dr. Doyle. He sent me a follow-up counselor meeting email in which he stated, "It was great to visit your group today. I am so excited to see the enthusiasm each of you has for supporting students and families." I couldn't agree with him more & I absolutely LOVE working with ea. of you. This is why we do what we do and I'm eager to build a foundation for VUSD elementary school counselors along with the support of pertinent stakeholders to meet the needs of our students. We have a lot of work to do, but I'm confident WE are the team to finally create a comprehensive data driven elementary school counseling program for VUSD. With this said, we need additional time to collaborate and Lorie has approved an additional day for us to meet as a team (PLC-2x's per month). Stay tuned for a tentative calendar that I'll send you this week and I'll need your input.

*As a reminder, Dawn Dully has invited our team to attend this week's school psych. meeting on Tues. 11/18 from 1:00-3:00pm @ the IMC. I hope to see you there!


Ladies, if you never see an Edutopia video again, PLEASE watch the one below. I love the multi-tiered approach and it specifically honors the role of an Elementary School Counselor.

This video is "Food for Thought" as we brainstorm/create our own model for VUSD.

" If a child is not behaving, there's a need not being met." ~Maritza Luque Ettirger, M.S school counselor K-6

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