Gattis Gossip

Volume 7, Issue 26 ---------------------------March 23, 2015

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Congratulations to...

Tammy Garcia -- Winner of the Gattiland Teacher of the Month drawing! Enjoy!

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For ALL you do every day to make Gattis the very best possible learning environment for students. Thank you for being a model of kindness and courtesy to your students and coworkers. Thank you for caring for others when your "to-do" list is a mile long. Thank you for standing at the door with a welcoming smile and a warm greeting. You make this a happy place for students with your intentional actions. I'm proud to work with every one of you! Have a wonderful SPRING BREAK!
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Looking forward

Upcoming Week At Gattis...

Climate survey window is open

TELPAS Assessment Window - March 23-27


  • Grades verified by end of day
  • TELPAS Tutorials for online reading - 2nd-5th
  • 3:05 Mandatory Make-up STAAR Training - LaWanda's office


  • TELPAS online reading assessment - 2nd grade
  • 1:45 Annual ARD
  • 3:05 Leadership Meeting


  • TELPAS online reading assessment - 3rd grade
  • 3:05 Team Share from Leadership/Teacher rating collaboration


  • 8:00 LPACs
  • 8:00 Annual ARD


  • Morning Assembly
  • TELPAS Rating Rosters due to Kristal (with writing collections for gr. 2-5)
  • 12:00 - Make sure rooms and hallways are ready for testing on Monday.
  • 6:30-8:00 International Fest

Coming up soon!

  • March 30 Report cards go home
  • March 30 STAAR Writing 4th grade day 1
  • March 31 STAAR Writing 4th grade day 2/ Reading 5th grade
  • April 1 Award Ceremonies: 3rd 8:00/1st 8:55/ 2nd 9:40
  • April 2 Award Ceremonies: 4th 8:00/5th 8:55/ K 9:40
  • April 2 Online Reading TELPAS 4th & 5th grade
  • Aoril 3 School holiday
  • April 6 TELPAS Online Reading Make-ups - All grades
  • April 9 Dual Language Social
  • April 10 Gattis Spring Fling
  • April 17 STAAR Pep Rally
  • April 20 STAAR Math 5th grade
  • April 21 STAAR Math 3rd and 4th grades
  • April 22 STAAR Reading 3rd and 4th grade
  • April 23 STAAR Science 5th grade
  • April 24 Spirit Night at RR Express
  • April 28 Leadership meeting
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Happy Birthday, Fabulous Teachers and Staff Members! We celebrate YOU on your special day!!!

Mar. 5 Marcy Rodriguez

Mar. 6 Alett Rosberg

Mar. 6 Jennifer Lucas

Mar. 15 Mary Doyle

Mar. 16 Eva Hughes

Mar. 28 Erin Garcia

Mar. 28 Karen Rivera

Partners in Education -- PLEASE UPDATE!

We are approaching spring deadlines to have all partners entered. Please be sure to enter volunteers and/donors. Check with LaWanda if you need assistance. : )

Please remember to use this link throughout the year to record any donors and partnerships. If you have guest speakers to your classroom or gradelevel, record the activity. Guest speakers would be recorded as partners rather than donors. Recording this information is an important piece of our accountability and allows our partners to be recognized for all they do for us.

Review Accommodations and groups for CBAs and STAAR Reading Assessments

3-5 grade classroom teachers, sped. teachers, tag teachers, interventionists --

Please be sure to review the google document with testing accommodations. This document is not available for editing now as we are finalizing details. Let LaWanda know of any changes that need to be made.

STAAR A and STAAR L Resources

This information can be shared with parents to allow students to practice on the interface at home.

STAAR A Tutorial for students taking STAAR A

STAAR L Tutorial for students taking STAAR L

STAAR L Practice

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Be Prepared!! - Review Emergency Protocols

This is the time of year that severe weather tends to occur in our area.

Be sure to review emergency protocols with your team to be prepared for any drills or actual crises. Make sure that materials are highly visible and easily accessible to substitutes. Team members should be aware of any substitutes present and make sure to provide support in case emergency protocols are needed for any reason.