Ernest Hemingway

By: Caroline Biography

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He was a Secret Agent?!

For the last few years of his life Ernest became paranoid and thought the FBI was spying on him. People thought he was crazy, and he was given electroshock therapy. Turns out the FBI was spying him. With good reason. He was on the KBG's list of agents in America, and was even given access to intelligence archives to Moscow from the Stalin era.

It's impossible to kill this guy.

In Africa, on consecutive days, he survived 2 plane crashes. He and his wife were injured in one, and the next day when they were flying to a hospital for more medical care, the plane exploded. Killing his wife, and injuring him even further. However reporters thought he had died as well and he spent some of his recovery time reading his own obituaries.
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  • His first wife and son called him "Tiny" and "Wax-Puppy"
  • He tried to commit suicide by waking into a planes propellor.
  • He had 4 wives
  • His mom dressed him as a little girl and forced him to play dolls
  • Was known to keep machine guns on his boat and hunt sharks with them.
  • Ended up killing himself with his favorite gun.
  • His whole family has a long list of suicide.
  • His mom took him out of school for a whole year to teach him
  • How to play the cello.
  • He took a urinal from his favorite bar and had it installed in his home.
  • Was famous for his drinking habits and was said to be able to drink till he passed out and then wake up completely fine.
  • His son owned a safari business in Tanzania.
  • He survived almost everything. Plane crashes, wars, various illnesses. It seems the only thing that could kill him was himself.
  • He had a weird obsession with 6 toed cats.
  • There's said that because his 6 toed cats "got around" there are a whole lot in the Florida Keys.
  • He left a suitcase in a Paris hotel and returned 30 years later to have it given back to him.
  • His parents didn't like his writings, and even sent copies of some stories strait back to the publisher.