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Principal's Corner

February 25th - March 1st

  • February 25th is an A day.
  • Read Across America Spirit Week 2/25-3/1

Looking Ahead

  • Author Visit 3/13
  • Grade 3 Residency begins March 4th.

Our quote last week was "Many people fail not so much because of their mistakes; they fail because they are afraid to try."- George Forman

Thank Christian B. from Ms. Martell's class for seeking me out and sharing this powerful message.

Celebrating Black History Month

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In May of 1997, a small reading task force at the National Education Association (NEA) came up with a big idea. The group decided to create a day to celebrate reading. They thought, "We hold pep rallies to get kids excited about football. We assemble to remember that Character Counts. Why don't we do something to get kids excited about reading?" That is how NEA's Read Across America came to be. And so was born on March 2, 1998, the largest celebration of reading this country has ever seen. We invite all to participate in the celebration of reading during Spirit Week beginning February 25th- March 1st.

Happy Reading!!

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Wellness Corner

Dressing Your Children for the Cold

The outdoors in winter is safer and enjoyed most when kids are dressed properly. Here are some tips to help your children enjoy the outdoors in winter.

*Take a minute to check the current weather forecast. The goal is to stay warm and dry. Being too hot can make one sweat. When it is cold outside, being damp is uncomfortable and can be a danger as body heat is lost more quickly.

*Dress your children in layers. Layers allow them to be more flexible to changing weather conditions and activities. Layers create an air space between the skin and the cold and this space is what insulates best. Kids can remove a layer of clothing just before starting an activity. They will be cold for a moment, but as they start to move, they will warm up. This will help to avoid overheating and dampening the clothing with sweat.

*In extreme cold, it's also a good idea to attach tabs to zippers so they can be opened and closed without exposing the hands.

*Layering also applies to hands and feet. Kids can wear two pairs of socks — a thin sock against the skin and a thicker sock over that. Boots should be comfortable and not too tight. Tightness can constrict blood flow and make feet colder. Boots should also have a good sole for grip and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces and should be waterproof. A thin pair of gloves can be worn with thicker and waterproof mitts over them.

*The head and neck are major sources of heat loss. A hat and a scarf are a must in cold weather. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from light reflecting off of the snow.


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