HMS Husky Howler

Nice Job 7th Graders! * * * * * * * * * * * * January 2016

One Semester Well Done!

Congratulations to all the 7th graders for completing the first semester of middle school! As we start 2016, we would like to celebrate some of the many successes of the school year so far. Students throughout Homer Middle School learned amazing things and grew in many ways throughout the 1st and 2nd quarter. The music classes put on two wonderful concerts. It was great to see all those smiling faces and to hear that beautiful music from our students, filling the Mariner Theater with joy. Science students finished up their study of cells with some interesting labs and spectacular cell projects! In Language Arts, students took their newly acquired expertise on cells and created well-organized informative paragraphs. The first semester of Ancient Civilizations included two simulations in which students worked together to survive the Stone Ages and to conquer the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia. Math students got “their minds blown” by all the new concepts they developed (functions and slope and all that cool algebra stuff!). The exploratory classes gave students opportunities in Art, Technology, Robotics and Health studies. And of course, the 7th graders continued developing their physical fitness and cooperation skills while playing games and exercising in PE. Wow! It’s been busy! Most importantly, through all that, students kept smiling, working hard and being polite, respectful citizens of our school.

Husky PRIDE Recognition

The 7th grade teachers would like to recognize and celebrate some of the students doing an exceptional job. We are proud to announce the first group of students being celebrated for their outstanding demonstration of Husky P.R.I.D.E! These students have a Positive attitude, are Respectful of self and others, are Inclusive and Involved, are Diligent in their work, and are Enthusiastic learners. We would like to give a howl out to 7th graders Clayton Beachy, Ben Coble, Kaya Dalke and Laura Inama! Thank you for your great contributions to our school!