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May 4, 2015 (May already?-Yes!). 12 items this week

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Goals of Collaborative Planning

As you meet on Tuesdays:

1. Collaboratively plan lessons

2. Use data/student work to plan

3. Deconstruct the standards

What a Week!

Milestones is done and SPGs are underway! The schedule is returning to normal. Hooray! I want to thank everyone for pulling together to make these past two weeks work so well.
  1. Third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers for keeping our kids energized
  2. Kindergarten, first, and second grades for adjusting schedules and tiptoing
  3. Special Ed, Gifted, Interventions, Counselors, and APs for make up testing and prep
  4. Specials teachers for condensing their schedules and starting SPGs
  5. Marianne and Tracy for online tech support
  6. APs for organization and a positive attitude
  7. All of our staff for pitching in to make things happen

Thank you all for making things happen this week! We have a huge amount of activities left this year. I appreciate the positive attitude you bring. I am excited about drawing the year to a close, but I am more excited about the learning that can and will take place between now and then. I want us all to be able to say that we finished the year strong. We are getting toward the end of the race. That is when some (myself included) are most tempted to slow down. I challenge us all (myself included) to finish strong with a smile, a good attitude, and engaging work. Think back on your successes this year if you need a reason to smile- there are many.

Proud to be your principal,


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May Reminders

Engaging instruction

Finish STRONG! The best thing you can do for a peaceful end of the year is to continue planning strong lessons. Ask, "How will I keep my students engaged?" Y'all, I am proud of the work you have done with students. Don't let up.

Shorts for Field Day

Yes! You may wear shorts for Field Day (your grade's field day only). Shorts must be appropriate length. If you are unsure of what that is come see me.


2 hour movies at the end of the year are seldom engaging. Clips which bring out instruction are great at any point in the year. If you have a movie that has been approved by the Media Committee, please run it by Helen and Cindy before showing it.


  • We have only 1 Day of post planning.
  • You can certainly pack the last week of school while students are not present (Before/after school, planning, Saturday). You may take bulletin boards down/things off of the walls.
  • Boxes- If you are moving, labeled boxes will be moved over the summer. Please place the room # the boxes are moving to. They will be placed outside the classroom until carpets are shampooed. Or you can move on your own.

Summer Set Up

Sherri and the custodians will have all classrooms will be ready by July 6th. After that you can come in and set up your classroom any time you like.

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Please see Michelle Stine's email regarding turning in F&Ps this year.

2015 Teaching and Learning Conference

This year GCPS will host the first annual summer conference for Teachers!

Conference Video:

To view the complete course listing, click on the link below:

Conference Dates and Location:

  • June 16 – 18, 2015
  • 8:00am – 1:15pm
  • Instructional Support Center

Registration Information:

  • Registration Dates April 17 – May 8, 2015
  • Registration
    • Log into your employee Portal
    • Click “Tools”
    • Click “2015 Teaching and Learning Conference” to begin Registration
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Teacher eCLASS Survey

The folks at the county want to learn about what teachers think of eCLASS at this point. Teachers, please take a moment to complete this survey. This survey focuses on the ease of use for eCLASS. The survey is anonymous.

LSPI Spreadsheet

Reminder to start thinking about end of the year information.

  1. LSPI due: Thursday 5/14
  2. RBES due: see school calendar for your time
  3. F&Ps need to be done, and they get in short supply the closer to the end you may wait. See Michelle Stine (or her recent email) for details.

EIP Rubrics


We have a new EIP Rubric procedure. Teachers will complete EIP rubrics on their students this year that will be available for their teacher next year. This will make sure that the rubric is filled out by a teacher who really knows the child after a year together. A couple of points:

  1. Your grade level RTI facilitator knows about this and can give you more information
  2. Fill these out! EIP does exist to help serve kids. It does not exist to give all kids pull-out services.
  3. If we have a child who needs high level support we do find a way for pull out
  4. Serving students in EIP earns us factions of teacher points. Those add up! However, they are delayed a year. The students we serve next year earn us fractions of teacher points for 2016-17. Seems like a long way off? Not when we get there.
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Reminder, each grade level is responsible for taking out their recycling. Recess is the perfect time for this since teachers can monitor students as they take recycling out to the bin.

New Little Creekers

We have two official announcements (although I think most know):

  1. Claire and Colin McCall are expecting their first toward the start of the school year. Little McCall is due at the start of August.
  2. Gary and Amber Wickam are expecting their second kiddo. Benjamin will have a sister!
  3. Karen and Jamie Brazee are expecting another addition in August. Yes, Karen did announce this one, but we couldn't leave her out as we celebrate!
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Bragging on LCE

This quote was from the head of the foreign language competition held at LCE last weekend.

"FLAG was blessed by having the opportunity to take place at Level Creek Elementary school this year. Ms.E.Costine took a good care of the teachers, me, parents, and most importantly the students. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I am really grateful to you, Emily, and all of the other Level Creek team for organizing and hosting this event.

The student helpers were outstanding! They were so helpful and responsible. It is obvious that Level Creek sets high standards for their students and that the students take pride in their school and work ethic. Your help is highly appreciated, and FLAG have been honored."

Sack Lunches


Kindergarten Registration will require sack lunches for the entire school. Kindergarten Registration is Thursday, May 7. Please make sure your students are aware of this. Mrs. Workman will be sending out a sheet for sack lunches shortly.

Building Open Saturdays

The building will be open May 16th if you need to work over the weekend. Check the staff calendar for times.