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"Happy" Is A Choice

...& I must make it

Ten Lovely Minutes

Make Sure to Walk in Your Students' Shoes
  • We must constantly ask ourselves, “who are our students and how can we help them?”


Saturday, January 30th -

  • Starry Saturday at the Marion High School Boys Basketball game, 2:30pm

Sunday, January 31st -

  • Happy Birthday to Diane Graham!
  • Happy Birthday to Stacie Pospisil!

Monday, February 1st -

  • Continue winter benchmark testing
  • EE out-of-the-building, SpEd mtg., ICN classroom, 10-11am
  • EE read aloud to 1A, 1:35pm
  • EE read aloud to KG, 2:40pm

Tuesday, February 2nd -

  • 100th day of school (cancellations pending)
  • Starry Spirit Day at Starry
  • Continue winter benchmark testing
  • PBIS team mtg., library, 8-8:30am
  • EE read aloud to KP, 2:40pm
  • Parent Group mtg., art room, 5:30pm

Wednesday, February 3rd -

  • Continue winter benchmark testing
  • Virtual, grade-level, tier one PLC meetings, before-school
  • EE read aloud to 1Hr, 10am
  • EE read aloud to 1Ha, 10:15am

Thursday, February 4th -

  • Continue winter benchmark testing
  • Think College Thursday (#TCT) at Starry
  • K MTSS tier 2 meeting, reading room, 7:45am
  • EE +SINA team out-of-the-building, SINA team mtg., ICN classroom, all-day

Friday, February 5th -

  • Continue winter benchmark testing
  • ALL Teachers - LA refresher/mtg., location TBD, 8:15-8:30am
  • K-1 Presentations for Children's Dental Month, 9:30-11:30am
  • EE read aloud to KS, 10am
  • EE read aloud to KH, 12pm
  • EE read aloud to 2Sl, 3pm

    *Please have any feedback re. PLC session preferences (sample agendas w/ break-out session descriptors are posted in the lounge AND the work room) shared with Matt, Peggy, Kristy, Kim D., or Eric. Thanks!
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