Mrs. Mayer's Monday Morning Memo

April 11, 2016

Happy April


Today, begins the 2016 MCA testing. Please make sure your kids are quiet during passing times in the hallways. I will also try to be out to monitor halls as much as I can. Thank you for your understanding. Good luck to all grades testing!!

Last Tuesday and NJPA

Thank you for a great day of SD, last week. I listened to your comments and concerns. Our Leadership team will be taking a look at these, this week. Thank you for getting your PLC notes to me, so quickly.

NJPA will be here to walk through the Learning Survey with Ann and myself, on May 3rd. We looked at several dates, but due to MCA's, this is the best day for all those involved. Thank you for your flexibility.

I is for Iceberg

This week is brought to you by the letter I:

Teaching content is only the tip of the iceberg of what we do for our students.


BUILD character,

BOOST self-confidence,

KILL apathy,

IGNITE passion,

CULTIVATE creativity,

PROMOTE perseverance, and

FOSTER empathy.

We do so much more than what a test score could possibly reflect...


Burgess, Dave, Shelley Burgess, and Genesis M. Kohler. P Is for Pirate: Inspirational ABC's for Educators. San Diego: Dave Burgess Consulting, 2014.

Updates: (First one is new)

* Tornado Drill

We will participate in the statewide tornado drill, this Thursday. If you are not sure about your safe location, please let myself or Charlie know. Thank you.


Update coming soon.

* Summer PD Opportunities: There is still room for more people to attend the MN Summit for Greater Learning and Leading, August 9 and 10. All fees paid and you get the staff development pay. Please let me know if you are interested.

* Drills, Drills, Drills: As we find the year coming to an end, we still have a few lockdown, fire, and tornado drills to complete. Remember: Soft Lockdown is the threat is outside the building. Lock doors and continue your routine. Hard Lockdown is a threat inside the building. Lock doors, shut off lights, and get out of sight.

Happy Birthday- April/June/ July

April 1st- Christy

June 4th- Lori

June 12th- Ashley

June 13th- Katie L.

June 21st- Katie S.

July 15th- Karen M.

July 16th- Stephanie

July 29th- Katie K.

Mayer's week, in a nut shell:

I will be out of the building on Thursday. My out and about days will be Monday morning and Friday, all day. I will be available during other times, throughout the week, as needed. Please let me know if there is anything specific you need.


If you have anything you think I should add to the Monday Memo, please let me know by Friday of the week before.