Sixth Grade Newsletter

February 14, 2016

Dear Parents,

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you and your family had an enjoyable weekend.


We will be revising our research papers this week. Students should have a completed rough draft when they come to class Monday, including introduction and conclusion paragraphs. We will also be creating our bibliographies this week.

Social Studies

We have moved on to our unit on population and migration. Students have also been learning about the geography of Africa.


This week, students will begin the week with the Unit 6 test. On Tuesday, students will begin a unit that explores the different ways to display data, through plots, graphs, and charts. This week, students will learn about frequency tables, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots.


Students just took their matter quiz and got them back. Some students chose to take a "retake" on the parts they missed to earn back points. We will now be moving on to chemical and physical changes.

School Board Meeting

Our Geography Bee and Spelling Bee finalists are invited to attend the school board meeting Monday night, where they will be presented with certificates. The meeting will be held at 6:00 PM in the elementary school library.

Tutoring Cancellation

After-school tutoring for 5th and 6th grade students will be cancelled Tuesday, February 16 and Tuesday, March 16.

Ski Day

We are planning a 5th and 6th grade trip to Mt. McSauba in early March. The activity will cost $10, so we wanted to let you know in plenty of time. More information will be coming in the next newsletter.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Official conferences will be held the first week of March, but please remember that we are available any time if you have questions or concerns. More information will be sent home soon so you can choose a conference time.

Girls on the Run Fundraiser

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