Revitilizing Languages

Re-emergence of languages

The Language of Hebrew

Hebrew was a language that was going extinct. It manage to survive because of Jewish religions. The language of Hebrew became an official language when Israel was established. Hebrew became that language because there were many migrants and refugees who spoke many different languages. The language was used in Jewish prayers, beacause it was the only language that symbolically unifies the disparate cultural groups. The revitilizing of the language took a lot of time because there were many words in that present day that hadn' texisted back then. so work had to be done in order to make words for the language Hebrew.

Irish Gaelic

The re-emergence of Irish Gaelic

Irish is a language part of the Celtic, Indo-European branch that went close to extinction because of the invasion of the Germainic Angels, Jutes, and Saxons. The language of the Celts has only survived because of the isolation they had on the British Ilses. They Irish language have begun to re-emerage because of their political and military strength in their language. For example an Irish-language TV station began broadcasting in 1996. All the English road signs were banned from certainj portions of western Ireland in 2005. Many young Irish folk in other countries are helping in the revitilization in their language, by distigushing themselves from the English by creating events relating to their culture.

Brythonic (Welsh)

This is another language that is part of the Celtic, Indo-European branch. This language has been a leading source of preserving dissapearing languages, because this language has alrealdy been revitilized. It has become revitilized by the goverment who made the Welsh a compulsory subject in school, and to teach Welsh history and music as part of the cirriculum. Welsh has becomed a required language to learn in order to obtain jobs.

How language Revitilization is harming the world.

When a language is revitilized, sometimes it can cause issues regarding the world. One problem is that it causes many types of conflicts. For example Flemish is in competition with French. Some signs are written in French while others in Flemish or in the case of the town of Brrussels they have both languages. Brussels feeling pressure from the Flemish speakers have splited into 2 independent regions. The Flemish want to have 2 independent countries. If this would to happen then the Flemish country would be one of the richest countries in Europe while Wallonia would be the poorest.