Garret Morgan

By: Zoe Zaballero


Garret Augustus Morgan was born on March 4 1877, in Paris, Kentucky. His parents were both slaves, so Garret grew up in a family of slaves. Garret also had a brother who was older than him. In 1895 when Garret was 18 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Then got a job making clothes. A few years later, while working he met his true love, and her name was Medge Nelson, and then got married. Shortly after they got married Medge and Garret got divorced. Then another year or so later Garret got re-married to Mary Hasek, then had 3 sons. Garret Augustus Morgan died in 1963.

Important information and accomplishments

In 1895 Garret opened a clothing shop and was a success almost right after it opened. Soon after the accomplishment, Garret read the news paper and found out that tons of people died in a fire, and firemen weren't protected enough to go in the fire and save the people in the fire. Garret kept thinking on what he could do to help that from happening

again. He set a small fire in his garage and it filled the room with smoke, Garret found out that near the floor/ground there was fresh air and that the smoke couldn't get down there. So Garret his team and brother invented the "Saftey Hood" . The saftey hood would go on top of the head and would have breathing pipes leading to the ground, that would allow fresh air to come in. It wasn't a success that easy, until 1912. Then in the mines there was a fire Garret came with his invention but the people were too afraid to try it out so Garret was the first person to try it out, and it was a success he found only one survivor and saved him. After inventing the saftey hood Garret got into an accident in his car then survived but then invented the stand up traffic light. Garret got his own patent for saving a miner and for inventing things that saved our lives

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