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Bianka C

“I Have a Dream” Haikus


This assignment was one that was done during Black History month. As a class we read the "I Have a Dream" Speech. With each section we had to create a haiku about that.

Theme Essay: “The Necklace” and “The Spider and the Fly”


For this assignment we took a story and a poem and compared them. They were both different, but with the same theme. I did well on this essay because was able to describe both of the woman.

8th Grade Speech


This is a speech was fun to write because it was like a timeline. This essay was to explain the our years as as middle school student. I was a great essay that made you remember things you might have forgot.

Research Paper: “Struggles of African Americans During the Civil Rights Era”


This research paper was done to describe the struggles that African Americans faced during the 20th century. This was a paper that required a lot of effort to describe the tough situations that African Americans went through.

Gold Rush Assignment: Visual Representation

Big image
This visual representation was done to describe the Klondike. During the gold rush we have different people coming through out the world.

Frederick Douglass Narrative Poem

1st person

My life was not easy 6

I was born a slave 6

My mother was taken away from me 10

Birthday was forbidden 6

Father was never there 6

Mother never told me who was father 10

Father gone, so was mom 6

I felt no pain at all 6

Would never see her, she sacrificed so much 10

Had two masters my entire life 6

Were not the best people 6

The pain was as bad as someone dying 10

Watched my aunt hit with whip 6

The master had no heart 6

The wip was very happy hitting that skin 10

For I hid in terror 6

Not knowing what to do 6

Seeing that changed my entire life 10

This was a poem that was to describe Douglass life. I did it in a 1st person point of view. After reading a bit of his story and getting to know who he was. It was easy to describe his life as a kid and as an adult.