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why you should come to australia

Have you ever come to Australia? You should come to Australia cause there are many opportunities for you to travel around. Do you want to know what it is like in Australia? You can see the animals that many people don't get to see. These are some things you should know when or if you decide to come to Australia.

what to use for transportation in austrailia

In Australia the transportation is not that different then the transportation we have here. You can fly on planes and stuff like that. You can drive on cars or take taxis or buses. this is the transportation that they use in Australia or you can walk around to see things closer

what foods are in austrailia

One of the best foods to australian people is a hamburger with beetroot. also austraillians like green chicken curry pies. in autralia people like pies there are many different kinds of pies in australia.

what is the weather like

Australia is a very dry place. it is one of the driest places in the world. australias seasons are different. They have temperate weather for most of the year. The weather could change.

what are the main attractions

People who are touring might come to see certain things in australia. one of the most main attractions in australia is the sydney opera house. people might also want to see the blue mountains national park. one more thing people might want to see is the sydney harbour bridge. these are only some of the main attractions.

what currency do they use

In australia the currency is a little different then what we have here. In michigan united staates we might have 70-80 cent and in australia that would be a doller and change. australias currency is the austalian dollar wich can be 5,10,20,50,and 100 dollars.

what are some useful phrases

In austrailia they say things different. G'day is hello and hooroo is goodbye.

also ace means very good. also you might want to know that tucker means food. these are some of the word and phrases you might want to know for austraila.

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