By:Keara Vaughn

The first cheerleader

The very first cheerleader was a boy but now 97% of the cheerleaders are girls barely any boys because it is mostly a girl thing.Cheerleaders are not really seen in all the games because not all the games have cheerleaders like Soccer,Hockey,Volleyball,and Wrestling mostly just Football.Sometimes during a Football game people are so loud that the other people who want to here the cheerleaders can't so they thought about getting megaphones and they did so people could here them.

About Cheerleaders

Girl cheerleaders are a little more intelligent then the boys because the boys never paid attention to the couch then did the girls did.Sometimes the cheerleaders would use the fans in the stands chant to encourage the football players to get them to work just a little bit harder.Befor a game the cheerleardes would set a goal and then try to accomplish that goal just to let them know that they can.
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