Battle Of Bull Run!

Erick Messer

July 16, 1861

This is the first major battle of the civil war. The union army is marching down towards the town of Manassas to counter the confederacy, who's plan it is, to dissolve the Union, and ruin the American way of life

The Force of Each Side

Tuesday, July 16th 1861 at 12:30pm

Manassas, VA, United States

Manassas, VA

Each side has roughly 18,000 untrained and inexperienced troops who are ready to fight to preserve their beliefs.


BG Irvin McDowell - Union

BG Joseph E. Johnston - Confederacy

Who wins?

In this day and age, the General who went home with the most men was considered the winner. With the confederacy only losing 1,982 men, the victory was given to the confederacy. This win would give them an early advantage in this grueling war.