League Against Cruel Sports

by Clarisa Anderson

Mission Statement

We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

What We Do

The League Against Cruel Sports helps and protects animals used and abused in the name of sport.


The LACS has many campaigns to ban bullfighting, dog fighting, hunting using dogs, and racing animals for entertainment purposes.


There are many supporters of the LACS. The support groups have different campaigning and fundraising strategies. Some activities they partake in include: information stalls in town centers and at local events; library displays; organizing and establishing own League events; parliamentary lobbying; writing letters to the press and using innovative and creative ideas in order to raise valuable funds for the League. This organization has nothing but positive feedback. No one is against them except for the people who participate in these events of course. There are many political and celebrity supporters.


There were many times when campaigning was difficult because of the many people, mostly wealthy, that enjoyed and protected bloodsports. The League eventually stepped up its campaigning strategies and got many laws passed.