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Principal's Message

We had another wonderful week in Tiger Land! Map testing is once again underway and we hope to see lots of academic gains. It was great to have met with teachers who presented their study of benchmark data. The presentations clearly showed that time was taken to review and reflect upon teaching, student achievement, and SLO progress. Many shared that they were pleased with the rate of academic progress and presenters were able to pinpoint areas of concerns and instructional strategies to address those areas. Job well done!

Classroom Observations- I visited a few classrooms and was excited to see the high level of student engagement I will continue to visit classrooms this week. Teachers, please remember that you are expected to have a designated area set aside in the back of your class for observers/visitors.

Progress reports will be given to students on Tuesday. I've shared with parents via School Connects that their child will have them. Please be sure that you are continuing to make contact with parents of students who are failing your class. A few of you have sent mandatory tutoring letters home and have already begun tutoring your "at risk" students.

In the Spirit of Giving--- Advisory teachers, please encourage your students to bring in canned goods. Canned goods will be delivered to the Lords Care in Darlington. This is one of our School -Wide Community Service Projects. Also, if you have not picked a name from the Christmas Giving Tree in the front office, please do so this week. There are still envelopes on the tree that have not been picked up. Remember, these are students here at our school who faculty feel might be in need.

Behavior Expectations- Everyone is reminded to please continue to share expectations with students with regard to behavior towards one another. With that being said, please be reminded that our students are navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of peer relationships, social etiquette, middle school, and as educators, it falls to us to provide guidance. Please be sure that your students are treating each other with respect; to never hurtfully tease; to include, not exclude; and to work to build a community of friends. And it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: threats and physical altercations will never be tolerated.

Thanks for all that you do daily for our students and for SMS!

Nicole Jones


Data Matters

SMS teachers met with Mrs. Jones and Ms. Taylor to present benchmark data and discuss instructional plans and interventions.

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Mr. Jordan Jefferson and the SMS Music Department Presents....

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Parent Contact Day

This Tuesday afternoon will be Parent Contact Day. Please make contact with parents to include those who are doing exceptional.

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