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Monthly Newsletter- October Issue

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Youth Options enrollment deadline for Spring Semester- October 1st

Click HERE for application

Junior Parent Night

Thursday, Oct. 5th, 7pm

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

Held in the JMM Auditorium, learn about the various options available to your student after they graduate high school, and some of the steps necessary to prepare for them. (Juniors will view this presentation during school hours)

AVID Seniors- fafsa help night (AVID families only)

Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 7pm

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

Held in the LMC, this will be a night for AVID seniors and their families only, to get help completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


Saturday, Oct. 14th, 8am

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

Memorial administration of the PSAT on this date. Registration was the last week of September. Alternate testing with East and LaFollette High Schools on October 11th, not necessarily at those locations. Registration for alternate dates will be October 2nd-5th.

Black Parent Council

Wednesday, Oct. 18th, 6pm

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

Scholarship Night

Thursday, Oct. 19th, 7pm

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

A speaker from Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction will be speaking in the JMM Auditorium about how students can pursue scholarships to help pay for their college/ training options following graduation.

October 23rd is the LAST DAY TO DROP a non-required class for a study hall

Other Important Dates...

-FAFSA can be submitted beginning on October 1st

-COLLEGE GOAL WI at JMM will be the evening of November 8th- FAFSA help for all

-Parent-Teacher Conferences- November 21st


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To see what's happening with ACP at JMM, CLICK HERE.

DO YOU NEED HELP with academic, personal, or college & career planning?

Click on your counselor's name to book a time with them for assistance.

Fox Neighborhood:

Amy Olson (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

Rock Neighborhood:

Dan Maloney (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

Wolf Neighborhood:

Troy Arneson (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

Wisconsin Neighborhood:

Emily Cochran (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

AVID Students:

Len Mormino (students)

ELL Students:

Ying Vang

People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it.

~~ Howard W. Newton


Explore your interests, creativity, and future paths that seem interesting to you. Visit our Learning Experiences Beyond The Classroom page or Career Exploration Page on the JMM Website. Need to improve your Academic Game? Click Here


-This is a great year to consider job shadowing someone in a career of interest to you for

an hour or two.

-Consider exploring Pre-College programs at this link.

-Wondering about some Work-Based Learning Experience? Click here.

-If you want to get hands-on experience, there are some careers that offer a Youth

Apprenticeship. CLICK HERE to see information about it and applying for next year.

-Explore course options and your 4-year plan in Career Cruising with someone at home!

-Don't forget to explore your interests outside of the classroom as well. Ideas HERE.


This is the year to visit programs, colleges, and options you are thinking about for after graduation. If you feel that preparation for the ACT/SAT might be helpful, this semester is a great time to do it. Start with METHOD TEST PREP in Career Cruising, and see your counselor if you need more help.


Schedule and do a 15 minute conference with your counselor to inform them of your plans following graduation, and any help you need.

Experiential Learning Credit

Interested in earning credit for "Experiential Learning"? See your counselor with questions.


  • Do not use school email for ANY matters related to life after high school. Examples: college apps, parchment account, ACT, FAFSA, scholarship applications, etc **School Email is deactivated soon after graduation.
  • Work on Application Essays - this is often the hardest and most critical piece of your application! Fresh off the press: The UW System essay prompts
  • Request any transcripts you need at

  • Prepare to submit your FAFSA on and after October 1st to help pay for college costs.

  • Send your ACT/SAT/Subject Test scores directly from those testing websites.
  • Complete the Activity Sheet (Shared w/ you by your counselor in an email following your Junior Conference.) Share w/ the teacher whom you would like to write you a letter of recommendation and to reference for college and scholarship application essays.
  • Join the UW System Texting Campaign to receive text messages that assist with the transition to your senior year. Topics include:
    • Choosing a rigorous senior year schedule
    • Taking the ACT/SAT
    • Making the most of summer
    • Visiting campuses
    • Applying for admission
    • And more!

    Join by texting PREPARE to 99000.

"I know that luck has a way of happening to people who shoot high, who never sell themselves short" Teri Teachout


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