Big Brainz

Math Fact Mastery Game

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What Is It?

Big Brainz is a fact fluency program that was recently purchased by RCS Title I. It has a video game feel and is very engaging! Watch the short video below for a detailed description of this new resource. The company recommends that students use the program for about 30 minutes a week.
Quick Start Video 2014

Where Can Students Use This?

Our tech and I have installed this in all school labs. You can install this on the computers in your classroom by following these steps:

1. Go to teacher apps
2. Click open the software folder.
3. Click on the Big Brainz Installer.
4. Select the file "Win_BigBrainzOnlineInstaller" and follow the prompts. Don't might take up to 10 minutes to install.

Home Use

Students can access the program at home by using the "at home install" directions sent home, or by installing the Big Brainz app on their Apple device. (Warning: the app requires about .5 GB of space on an Apple device).

Student Experience

To log in, students will click on the "Big Brainz" icon on the desktop, choose Rutherford County and their school and enter their username (the same username they use for PC access).

Students will then find their teacher name on the left hand side, select it, and click on their name (it will be the only one available).

Students then select their grade level and operation and begin a placement test.

Teacher Reports

Usage and Reports

Available For Ipad Only

If you have an iPad 2 or higher you can dowload the Big Brainz App from the iTunes App store for free and use your school login to use.
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