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FM9 Student-Led News Source - October 2, 2014

iOS 8 Update

If you have Apple technology, you know all about the new updates that come with it! Updates mean new, cool features to the apple devices that are so fun to check out and experience. Now, before downloading the update, you want to know what the updates are and how much your device will change. Here are some new features iOS 8 has for YOUR Apple products!

  • Quickly find and edit photos you take.
  • Let your health and fitness apps communicate with each other, with your trainer, and even with your doctor.
  • They provide developers with deeper access and more tools.
  • New keyboard options and even more ways to share your content.
If you have any questions about the update or how to use new features, visit the Apple website below!

FMHS spirit days

Wow, there sure were a lot of sleepwalkers last Friday... Just kidding, they were participating in spirit day!

Spirit days occur every Friday during football season and they change each week. Spirit days aren't just about dressing up, it's about rallying for the football games and showing Jaguar spirit! Wearing camo or pajamas are examples that you are proud to be a Jaguar! It unites everyone from Freshman to Senior, in an exciting way.

As freshman Chloe Headlam says, "Spirit days unite everybody and we all look alike and as one."

So don't be afraid to participate and show your Jaguar spirit every Friday!

Upcoming spirit days:

9/12: School the panthers ( college day )

9/19: HOMECOMING WEEK!!!! ( spirit days every day )

9/26: Outshine the Wildcats ( neon days )


10/10: Sunburn the farmers ( beach wear )

10/17: Pink out ( wear pink )

10/24: Fly higher than the eagles ( Super Hero )

10/31: OPEN

11/7: FMHS is the best overall ( overalls day )

What's in style for fall 2014

Leggings are totally in style this year! They are so comfortable especially when students wear it with it with an oversized sweatshirt or shirt. ( According to LISD's dress code your sweatshirt / shirt has to cover mid-thigh to be school appropriate.)

"They are the best pair of pants on the planet," says Sydney Brown

Boots are so trendy this fall. They go great with jeans! Students can wear their boots with boot socks. Boot socks are socks that go a little bit above the boots.

"Boots are very comfortable and can go with about everything," says Rachel Clark.

So grab some hot chocolate and get ready for fall!

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