Highlights of the Week

February 12. 2016

Highlights of the week:

The Preprimary class had a fun and productive week. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dictated love letters to our mom and dads
  • Learned how to cut out hearts from folded paper
  • Decorated our large envelope "mailboxes"
  • Became letter carriers as we delivered Valentines into "mailboxes"

Our class enjoys drawing. We are helping the children hold markers, crayons and other prewriting tools correctly. See below the fun poem that helps the class learn the proper way to hold their markers.

My thumb is bent

Pointer points to the tip

Tall man uses his side

I tuck my last two fingers in

And take them for a ride

Our class did an outstanding job unexpectedly performing "Five Little Valentines" at this morning's Friday Morning Meeting. Have your child teach you this poem.

Our next unit will be Dinosaurs.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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