From Cows to Footballs

By: Gavin McKeown


hi there I'm going to tell you about how a football is made easy as a hail mary catch.


cowhide. Show you how a football is made cowhide? Whats cowhide cowhide is cows skin cowhide is very important because without it we have no footballs to catch and throw so cowhide is very important.


ok so this is where it begins.First they make the football side.Then they cut the extra fat then logo on it then other steps than they boil and turn it inside out on a pole than they put a vinyl ball inside than other steps they do then thats it

Interesting Facts

in the first ever game of football they used a soccer ball. football looks like a watermelon and my favorite team is the seahawks


i hope you injoyed the many places that footballs go thew and some cool facts
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