Ms. Jan's and Ms. Kelly's Class

Week 8

Dear Parents,

We had another great week last week. It is amazing to watch your children grow, learn, and get excited as we incorporate new and different activities each week. Below you can see some of the things we worked on last week.

I have a couple of notes:

1. I will not be here next Tuesday or Wednesday. Ms. Kelly will be here with a sub with her. I will miss them terribly.

2. Most of you have been doing this but please send in a fork or spoon if your child needs it for their lunch or snack.

3. I apologize for not having pictures this week. I did not get pictures last week. I do have lots coming for this week.

4. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime. My phone number is 404-374-5985.

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Jan


Books: Mouse Paint and Mouse Count

Centers: Making various shapes with play-doh, used tweezers to place colored objects on corresponding color, one-to-one correspondence with colored sticks

Math: Sort buttons and pom-poms by color into a matching color tin and count them, we measured each child using paint brushes and compared to each other, counted and placed ten crackers onto a corresponding card and practice counting,

Language Arts: we hid color mice around the room and they had to find two matching color mice, danced like mice on felt color swatches, past a toy snake around the circle and then each one got a turn to throw it into the circle

Science: mixed paint to make different colors (the kids really liked doing this), mixed color water to make different colors, sink or float, touch and guess (we had multiple things in a bag and they had to guess what they were feeling, taste test: we tried two different kinds of cheese and graphed which children like which cheese better