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Are you having trouble in career technology? Well, its your luck day! I am here to help. With tutoring lessons 3 times a week you'll be a computer whiz when we're done. Sign up today!

When and where?

I tutor Monday-Friday after school tell 8.
If your interested in after school tutoring the school library in an option.
If not we can go to my house, your house or any where with a computer that you would fell conferable.
I am very flexible, however i need to know at least a day in advance.


This is free tutoring

Contact information:

You can always check our website at for more information.
If you want to contact me directly my e-mail is
Prefer to call, 570-439-7745

Want more information?

Saturday, April 5th, 3:45pm

9 Nichols St

Wellsboro, PA

Not sure I'm the right tutor for you?Come join me on the 5th after school for a fun get together and introduction on tutoring. Don't worry though there are no strings attached, just come and check us out. It will surely be a blast!