Staff Announcement

Ms. Kandi

Although most of you have already met Ms. Kandi, we would like to make a formal announcement of her joining our Staff at The Learning Cottage in the Fusion classroom.

Ms. Kandi is a native Floridian and was raised in Venice. She graduated from Venice High School and went to college in Illinois. Ms. Kandi has taught preschool for about 20 years. She fond her calling in Early Childhood Education after accepting a position at a small, christian preschool where she loved watching the children learn and discover. Ms. Kandi has also worked as an assistant director with children whom have physical and mental disabilities. Ms. Kandi is a mom of a beautful little girl who is in elementary school and a young man who is a teenager. In her spare time Ms. Kandi enjoys bowling, boating and watching the sunset.

Ms. Olivia

As most of you already know, Ms. Margaret will no longer be with us in August. She has decided to return to teaching in the public school system. However, Ms. Olivia, recently named our Assistant Director, will officially become part of the Fusion teaching team for the new school year, starting August 18th. Ms. Olivia has already been spending the afternoon hours visiting in the Fusion classroom as well as playing a substitute role as needed. Ms. Olivia is looking forward to being a part of the Fusion teaching team and will be available for meet and greet during our Fusion Parents Night.