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Three Easy Ways to Remove Stains from Invisalign Trays

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Three Easy Ways to Remove Stains from Invisalign Trays

One of the most popular questions asked of an Invisalign dentist in Fremont is how to remove stains from the trays. Three simple methods can be used for eliminating discoloration in your aligners.

1. Visit Your Invisalign Dentist in Pleasanton for a Professional Kit

Did you know that there are special soaking crystals developed by Invisalign to remove tinting from the trays? These crystals can be obtained by visiting your Fremont dentist, and are the most effective and safe method for cleaning the aligners.

2. Use Simple Homemade Soaks

Consider these home remedies approved by your dental specialist in Fremont. First is a 50 percent strength solution of hydrogen peroxide, diluted with water. Second would be one part bleach to ten parts cool water, which is very efficient at removing stains. Finally, a half-strength vinegar solution, cut with water, may be used to help dissolve any tartar buildup or coloring.

3. Prevention is the Best Medicine

Your Invisalign dentist in Fremont would probably agree that the old adage that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure fits perfectly here. Cleaning your trays at least daily, with a toothbrush and mild dishwashing solution, and always rinsing in cool water, is the best way to keep them fresh and colorless.