The Book Club

Swartz Creek Academy


The official name of our organization is called The Book Club. Our purpose of this organization is to gather students that are interested in reading and turn it into a community. We want to get new books for everyone, have them read a certain amount at night and come back to discuss it. I will first list a book or series and have the club members vote for each one to see what everyone wants to read. The duty of being a book club member is to read, to take care of the books with proper care, and to be kind and friendly. Our privileges as members will come with the chance to read and explore new books, new friends with similar interests, and enjoying the luxury of the library downstairs. Our meetings will be held after lunch. It is not required for everyone to come except for Wednesdays. This way if we have anything in mind for Friday, we will be prepared.

The elected officers of the organization shall be Shannon Gross as the President, Bryson Edwards as Vice President, Keagan Wells as Treasurer, and Samantha Morris as Secretary.

Every Wednesday

We will be holding a meeting every Wednesday in the downstairs library.

How will we get our books?

We would like to do a bake sale. Cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, soft drinks. We could sell them and use the money towards our books. We will need to raise at least three hundred dollars for the necessary materials.