The Vandals

By:Brooke Brinson

Who are the Vandals?

The Vandals were a Germanic people of Jutland (now in Denmark), who migrated to the valley of the Odra River about the 5th century BC.They were given the name "vandals" because it reflected the dread and hostility the tribe precipitated in other people by looting and pillaging many villages they conquered. They are best known for bringing about the complete collapse of the Western empire because of their vicious behavior. The Vandals controlled most of the Western Empire, including Northern Africa, Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, and the Balearic Islands off of Spain.

What lead to the rise of the Vandals?

Two events began the rise of the Vandals. The first was a battle against a Visigoth and Roman army in the year 422. The Vandals gained control over many large towns and a large fleet of soldiers. The second event was the rise of the General Genseric in the year 428. Genseric had an army/fleet that included Vandals, ex-slaves, and other barbarians. Genseric sent a fleet of 80,000 men to invade Northern Africa. After the invasion, he defeated the Roman Commander Boniface at Hippo (a city). Genseeric was peacefully given land known as the Vandal Kingdom with Hippo as its capital.

What are the important battles of victory for the Vandals?

Romans vs. Vandals

1. Siege of Hippo

2. Battle of Carthage

3. Battle of Rome

4.Battle of Cape Bona

*Each of these battles ended with General Genseric claiming victory over the land and gaining more people to conquer more land with.

Who are the important commanders of the Vandals?

1. Saint Boniface- Sent as a Missionary to Frisia to convert Pagans. Cut down Thor's Oak tree. Martyred.

2. Aspar- General from Constantinople sent to meet Genseric during the siege of Hippo.

3. Genseric- Leader of Vandals. Conquered Northern Africa and Sicily. Invaded and ransacked Rome.

4. Eudoxia- Dethroned Empress of Rome, who invited Genseric to enter the city and help restore her to the throne.

5. Hunseric- Son of Genseric. Led the Vandal attack on Carthage.

What lead to the fall of the Vandals?

After the death of Genseric, Odoacer, a barbarian who had recently made himself king of Italy, reclaimed the Island of Sicily from the Vandals. After his death there were numerous rebellions within the Vandal Kingdom among the African natives, and a general decline in Vandal leadership. Also, the Vandal treatment of Catholics improved. In 533, Justinian I restored the Vandal Kingdom to the Byzantine throne, after sending Belisarius on an expedition against the Vandals. This campaign was a great success. Gelimer, the last King of the Vandals surrendered to Justinian, and North Africa again became a Roman province.

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