May 2021

Longfellow Elementary

Notes from Mrs Heckenlaible...

Happy Spring to you all!

I look forward to celebrating all of our staff next week! May 3-7 is Teacher Appreciation Week across the nation and what better time to show our teachers how much we truly cherish everything they have done and continue to do to prepare our Lions for their future! I am so proud of our staff and all they have accomplished to make this year the best it could be!

Our third through fifth grade Lions took the South Dakota Smarter Balanced Assessment during the month of April. They persisted and persevered and we are so proud of them for their dedication to hard work and giving it their best effort. Way to represent Longfellow!!!

Thank you to all the families that participated and had fun with the Longfellow Family Fitness Challenge this year. It was great to see families connect, especially during a time like this year when there were limited activities for families to take part in.

Thank you for a wonderful year! I feel very blessed that we were able to have in-person learning the entire year along with very minimal cases. Our Lions were resilient and did a phenomenal job persisting with masks and social distancing. We appreciate all the support families provided so that we could continue to see our Lions at school. Have a sensational and safe summer and I look forward to seeing you and working with you all in the 2021-2022 school year!


Mrs. Heckenlaible


Please take the time to read this entire newsletter. There is a lot of information.

Welcome To Longfellow!!!

We'd like to welcome some new faces next year to the halls of Longfellow. Mr. Cade Bruna will be our new music teacher and Mrs. Mika Faulhaber will be teaching 4/5 grade in Den A.

Best Wishes!

We wish the best to a few members of the Longfellow family who will be moving on. Mrs. Klumb (4/5 grade), Miss Brekke (music) and Miss Constant (para). We wish you well in your new endeavors!

Congrats and best wishes!!

We also wish the best to Barb Myers who is retiring this year. Barb has worked in the school district, in various positions, over the years. She came to Longfellow from the Middle School and was Administrative Assistant. For the 2020-21 school year, Barb moved to a part time position, teaching computers. We will miss her dearly but trust we'll still see her around here from time-to-time. Best wishes Barb. Enjoy your retirement!!

You're the Best

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7: Please let your children's teachers know how much our appreciate them. A simple note of thanks and recognition can make a teacher's day! We couldn't be more proud of the dedication that each of our educators give to their Longfellow Lions and the education, love and support that they provide each and every day. A BIG SHOUTOUT to all the staff at LO Elementary! Mrs. Heckenlaible is so very THANKFUL for you!

Notes from the nurse

If your child has any medications at school, the meds will need to be picked up from the nurse's office by 3:00 pm on May 28th. They MUST be picked up by a parent and signed for. Any medications left after this date will be discarded.

Little Kernel Track Meet

Watch for more information coming soon regarding the Little Kernel Track Meet. It will be on May 10th, starting at 6:00pm for grades k-6!


Dental Mobile will be at Longfellow May 3rd-7th. If you wanted to use their services, you should have already contacted the appropriate person and your child should be on their schedule.

Dates to Remember

May 3-7-Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 10-1st street shut down for crosswalk upgrade.

May 10-School Board Mtg @5:00 pm

May 10-Little Kernel Track Meet, Grades K-6

May 11-5th grade band concert @7:00 pm at the Performing Arts Center

May 12-Bk-3rd grade music recording

May 18 4th and 5th grade music concert @6:30 at the Performing Arts Center

May 21 Field Day

May 20th-5th Grade Recognition @6:30 at the Performing Arts CenterMay 24-School Board Mtg @5:00 pm

New to Online Registration????

If you have not yet registered a student online please do so as soon as possible. These instructions are for those who do not have a current parent portal. This applies mainly to students who attended kindergarten during the 2020-21 school year.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "New to the district registration"
  3. Complete the information. Include ALL children in the household, even ones too young for school.
  4. You may be asked for an Activation Key. This is also called a GUID key. If you do not have it, please call the office at 995-7500.

Annual Update-Register for 21-22 School Year

If you have not yet registered your student online, please do so as soon as possible. These instructions are for those you have a parent portal account aleady but simply need to update and register for next year.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Parents"
  3. Click on 'Parent Portal'
  4. Log in-you can request a new password if you don't remember. Passwords are not saved anywhere and we do not know them.
  5. Click on the 'More' tab on the left hand side.
  6. Click 'Annual Information update'
  7. Click on 'Existing Student Registration'
  8. Fill out and click 'Submit'

If you have any problems, call the office 995-7500

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Summer LEAP

A reminder for those who are attending Summer LEAP, the dates are June 1-25.

Library news

Is it time to clean off the bookshelf? If so, we’d love to take those books that your child has outgrown and give them to another Longfellow Lion to enjoy. Mrs. Beukelman is planning on gifting used books to each student and needs your donations to make it happen! Please drop books off at the office or send them with your child. Thank you for helping us give the gift of reading!

Random Acts of Art

Summer Longfellow Office Hours

The office at Longfellow will be open May 25-June 4th from 8:00 am-3:30 pm. We will close over the summer and be open again August 4th from 8:00 am-3:30 pm. The phones will be checked on a regular basis over the summer, so please leave a message. 995-7500.

Longfellow Scholarship

Congrats to MHS senior, Brooke Brewster, on being awarded the Longfellow Alumni Scholarship of $500. Brooke submited an essay, which she will read at the 5th grade recognition ceremony on May 20th.

Bubbl'r queen

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Lexie, in Mrs Abts class, made her teacher a crown fit for a queen. Apparently Mrs. Abts enjoys a Bubbl'r or two and, well, we know she's a queen. Awesome talent, Lexie!

Fifth grade recognition

We will be honoring our fifth grade learners at the annual Fifth Grade Rocognition. We will celebrate them on Thursday, May 20th, at 6:30 pm at the Performing Arts Center (PAC), located just north of Seventh Avenue and Burr Street. Doors will be open at 6:10 pm and masks will be required along with rows blocked off to allow for social distancing. We hope all of our fifth grade families can attend! We wish them all well as they go to sixth grade at MMS!!!

2M filled up their book shelf. Way to go!

2M is filling up their bookshelf. Way to go!!!!

BK-3rd grade musical

Dear parents/guardians,

On May 12th your student will be recording their music program. I will send out the program via email the following week. It will be available to watch and share for that week only. Due to copyright law the recording can only be released for a week's time. The video will be sent out Monday May 17th with a link to watch it on google drive. The following Monday May 24th, the video will be taken off of google drive. I encourage you to watch the video, see your students and their classmates' hard work and talent, share it with loved ones, and even watch it with your student! Please have your student wear nice clothes of any kind to school on May 12th for when we record. Think of what your students wore for picture day and that works for something nice to wear. Thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

4/5 Music Concert

Dear parents/guardians,

On May 18th your student will have a music program at 6:30pm at the Performing Art Center. I would like all students to arrive at 6:00 to get on stage and in place. The concert will be livestreamed on the Longfellow Facebook page. Students do not need to wear anything specific just dress nice. Students can use what they wore for picture day as a reference. Dresses, skirts, nice shirts, dress pants, and/or nice jeans are all good options. No sweatpants please. Thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Habits of Mind

Longfellow focuses on students making good choices based on Habits of Mind. Every month, 2 habits will be highlighted. Each teacher will choose a student of the month who demonstrates that month's habits of mind. Way to go Lions! We are SO proud of you!!

May's habits of mind are:

Thinking About Your Thinking: Know your knowing!

Being aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions, and their effects on others.

Thinking Interdependently: Work Together!

Being able to work in and learn from others in reciprocal situations. Team Work!
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Student of the Month


Lincoln Kokesh is the BK student of the month! He does a great job at thinking about others and working together as a team. Lincoln is able to share this thoughts and ideas but he also does a great job at listening to the ideas of his peers. I can always count on Lincoln to be a great helper in the classroom. I am so proud of him! Way to go Lincoln!


Kendall Tingle is the KH student of the month. Kendall is a great classroom helper. She is always willing to help the teacher or other friends. She works well when she is put in a team. She is able to share her ideasa and does a good job at listening to others. Way to go Kendall!


Grace Hagen is KN's student of the month. Grace always thinks before she acts or talks, and I can always count on her to make the right choice. She is great at making connections from one lesson to another. Grace is always a great team player and works well with others! Way to go, Grace!


Maci Davis is the KR student of the month for Thinking about your Thinking and Thinking Interdependently. Maci does an amazing job explaining her thinking to others during whole group discussion time. I can also count on Maci to be a team player. She knows the importance of working together and is always doing her part to help the team. Keep up the great work Maci!


Kayden Bannwarth is the student of the month for 1H. Kayden does a great job sharing his strategies and ideas during class discussions. He enjoys working together in groups with his classmates and is excited to learn with others. Way to go Kayden!


Easton Lanners is the student of the month for 1S! I can count on Easton to be willing to work with others. He works with his classmates to get the job done. Easton makes connections from one lesson to another always wanting to know more. Way to go Easton!


Francely Lopez-Ramos is the student of the month for 1V! Francely loves learning and thinks hard about what she's doing. She is a wonderful partner or group member to her classmates. She is a tremendous role model to her peers in the classroom and on the playground. Keep up the great work, Francely!


Reese Flanagan is my student of the month for May. Reese is the best example of thinking about her thinking! She applies her past knowledge to everything that she does! Reese is also a wonderful teammate and works very well with others! Anybody who gets to be in Reese's group is a lucky person! She is a great person and a super example! Keep up the great work Reese!


Alexis Johnson is Mrs. McPeek's student of the month. Alexis finds ways to think about her thinking, especially when solving math. She thinks interdependently when she is working with a partner or a small group to complete a task. She listens to their ideas and works to get the job done. Awesome job, Alexis!


Max Lang is 2J's Student of the Month! Max is always digging deeper to find the "why". He is great at explaining his thinking and loves to share with others. Max does his best to find more than one way to get the solution. Way to go, Max!


Greysen Niehoff is Mrs. Bakhtiari’s class pick for this month. Greysen is always thinking about his thinking during class. He is great at working in groups and listens to other’s ideas. Way to go Greysen!


Airianys Calderon is 3G's student of the month. Airianys is a great team player and is always thinking of her classmates. She is a great at listening to others and making sure everyone is included. I am so proud of you Airianys!


Brody Bannwarth is 3K's student of the month. He does a great job of thinking about his thinking and tries his hardest to solve challenging problems. He works well with others and has appreciates teamwork. Way to go, Brody! I am proud of you!


Owen Borgan is 4N's student of the month for May! Owen is always going the extra mile in his thinking, which even stretches his classmate's thinking as well! He is a great team player and has a driving passion to succeed at all things. These two habits of mind were made for Owen! Keep being a leader inside and outside of the classroom- so very proud of you!


Aiden Heide is 4S's student of the month for May. Aiden is always thinking about his thinking when he is learning new things and things he may already know about. He is always thinking how the new information can connect to things he already knows and is always willing to share his thoughts. Aiden also shows the habit of thinking interdependently by being a team player, including others and listening to what they have to say. Way to go Aiden, I am so proud of you!


Peyton Miller is 4/5K's student of the month for May! Peyton is a kind and caring member of our classroom. He is always willing to jump in and help his classmates with whatever they need. He works interdependently no matter who he is working well. Way to go Peyton!


Londyn Hajek is 5A's Student of the Month for May. Londyn is always thinking about her thinking during class, and loves to explain her answers to others. She also shows the habit of thinking interdependently because she is a great team player. She makes sure that everyone is included and always listens to other's ideas or suggestions. Awesome job, Londyn! I am proud of you!


Houston Red Day is 5M's student of the month! Houston has grown up so much this year! He is a great friend and has a huge heart. Houston is always willing to find humor in any situation, and he strives to make people laugh. Houston also practices responding with wonderment and awe when we are sharing about weekends and when he learns something new!! He is great at making people feel special and he loves to entertain others. I am so proud of you Houston, keep up the great work buddy!

It's a JUngle in our library!

A roaring big thank you to Alyson Palmer, art teacher at Mitchell High School, and 2 wonderful high school students who painted our library tables and chairs. Anna Scheurenbrand and Macie Geppert, your talents are very appreciated!!! Doug's Custom Paint and Body donated their talents to clear coat the furniture, assuring we'll have this art for many years!
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Field Trips??

While we may not be taking buses to out-of-town fields trips this year, our teachers have planned some fun outings for our LO Lions! Please be watching for communication from your child's teacher.

Please note that these fun activities, along with the others we have planned, are privileges. If learners not able to follow expectations at school, they will not be able to represent LO Lions off school grounds. If your child has not earned these privileges, his/her classroom teacher will notify you.

Congratulations to all of our Lions who are continuing to make “Paws-it-ively” good choices on a daily basis.

Den C-minute to win it-teachers and students

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Deb B Does Good Deeds

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Check out this cool video Miss Jira's 2nd grade class made. So much fun!
2021 2J- What Does the Shape Say?

Cool Crosswalks

Say good-bye to the normal, boring crosswalk on 1st street. Our lions will soon be strutting across the street in style! A new look is coming! Please be prepared for traffic adjustments on May 10th with a rain date of May 12th. They will begin work after morning drop-off. First street will be blocked off, by the city, for good portion of the day. We hope ot have it reopened in time for school dismissal at the end of the day.

Den C-Earth Day activity

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Teachers and staff had lots of fun at the Elementary Teacher Recognition event. Longfellow was well-represented on stage and in the seats. We had 6 teachers celebrating years-of-service rewards and 1 retirement.
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Grateful for yoU!

We are so happy to wish these amazing educators congratulations on years of service!

15 years-Mrs Schnabel, Miss VerSteeg, Mrs Rehorst, Mrs Childs

20 years-Mrs Borgan

25 years-Miss Meyers

Contact us

As always, please contact the office if your student will be absent, leaving early, or coming in late for any reason. Please include a doctor's slip if your child has a doctor appointment. We appreciate all of you!

Lisa Heckenlaible-Principal

Noel Ahlers-Administrative Assistant