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Shade Cover, Play and Parties

Dear Sem Families,

I have some exciting news to share with you all! Grounds for Play, the shade cover company has assured us that installation of the new playground shade cover will begin Tuesday, December 15th. Installation should be completed by the time we return to school in January 2016. This was the outdoor equipment that was purchased by PTA with the funds raised from the 2014 Boosterthon Fun Run. We will continue to upgrade outdoor equipment with the money from the 2015 Boosterthon Fun Run.

With only one more week left before the two week winter break I wanted to email some thoughts from an article that I read about the importance of play of children. As we all know, children love to play - it is part of their job. However, between TV and all the technology devices in today's world, play has decreased considerably. Playing provides great learning opportunities and allows for children to just simply be children. Additionally, playing can help with imaginations and build strong social skills and motor skills. Please consider these thoughts to encourage some play during the two week break from school.

- Limit TV and Devices (set a timer or have a "technology free" day)

- Be Creative (use basic essentials to have children create things)

- Run Around (run around and exercise freely)

- Play Games (play board games that require turn taking)

- Expect Play (expect your child to go outside and play or invite a friend for them to play with)

Again, I wanted to inform you all that we will use the RSVP system again for the winter classroom parties. Please note that you cannot officially RSVP if you have not scanned your license at the school for the 2015-2016 school year. Your license must be scanned every school year. If you have not scanned your license for this school year, I highly encourage you to come to the school to scan your license at the front office in the days leading up to the party day. Also, if you are planning to bring out of town visitors, please ensure they bring some form of photo identification with them on the day of the parties. Remember that it will be very busy so I appreciate your patience in advance. Here is the link to the RSVP and be aware that we will stop all RSVP's on Wednesday, December 16th at noon.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr. Gonzales

"Sem-bly" schedules and Student Recognitions

Parent Celebrations: file:///C:/Users/gonzalem/Downloads/2014-parent-celebrations.pdf

9 Week "Sem-bly" schedule: file:///C:/Users/gonzalem/Downloads/9-week-assembly-theme-schedule.pdf

Full "Sem-bly" schedule including 9 week celebrations: file:///C:/Users/gonzalem/Downloads/sembly-schedule-15-16.pdf


Tuesday, December 15th - 4th and 5th Grade Spelling Bee Competition

Friday, December 18th - Winter Parties 1:50 to 2:40

December 19th - January 3rd - Winter Break