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Principal's Message

Season’s greetings, everyone! It is amazing how quickly things change. I had originally written my December article for the Prairieview Post the last weekend of November and it was full of all the exciting things that we were going to be doing leading up to Christmas. Then Monday of last week came along and the whole trajectory of our December suddenly changed! One thing we have learned from this pandemic is how to roll with the punches!

As I had shared in one of my update emails last week, I have registered our school for the Rapid Testing Program. Once the rapid tests arrive, I will send out a form for you to complete if you’d like your child to participate in the program. Those that have already sent me an email letting me know they’d like to be part of it are good – you don’t need to fill in the form as I already have them on my list.

I’d like to give a big huge shoutout to my staff for all they have done over the last few weeks. Prior to our outbreak, they had been working relentlessly trying to get stuff ready for the concert, attending numerous meetings to develop behaviour support plans for some of our students, and going above and beyond for their students even when they’re dead tired. I’d especially like to thank them for all they’ve done over the past week in rising to the occasion to cover classes and adjust everything, and teach online at the drop of a hat, and deal with class numbers that are steadily dropping as the COVID case numbers steadily increase. I feel truly blessed to be part of an amazing team.

As of Monday, Dec. 6, we had it confirmed that our outbreak status will be in effect until at least Dec. 18. We currently have 3 classes doing online learning and more cases continue to pop up in the rest of our classes. Please continue to be vigilant in keeping your children home if they’re sick and consider getting them tested if they have even signs of sniffles or sore throat as those are common symptoms of those who have tested positive.

My thoughts go out to all those who are ill right now. We hope everyone gets healthy very soon and those who are currently healthy remain that way. We will make it through this together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Welcome Ms. Phillips

Hi Folks! My name is Auburn Phillips and I am excited to be the Making Connections Worker for the County of Vulcan region. I will serve Arrowwood Community School, Champion School, County Central High School, Milo Community School, and Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School. Previously, I worked in post-secondary supporting students through mental health concerns and promoting mental wellness on campus, and I look forward to applying that knowledge as I support students in this area. I have a B.A. from the University of Victoria and an M.A. from the University of Lethbridge, but I had a rural upbringing and am very happy to be back to small town life.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, my three dogs (Trigger, Enzo, and Diego; all rescues) and three cats (Gracie, Meatballs, and Spaghetti). I enjoy practicing and teaching yoga, travelling, dragonboating, and hiking.

Kindergarten Buzz

Kindergarteners have been loving the playdough centre. Thank you to Ayla and her family for providing us with playdough this month. This centre inspired some of the children to come up with some very unique recipes. Feel free to try them at home.


1 cup chocolate chips

1 bananas

Put them on the cookie dough.

Put them on the stove for 20 minutes.



10 cups of milk

12 spoonfuls sprinkles

3 pieces of water

2 ice cream scoops chocolate ice cream

10 seconds in the oven on hot.



A lot of fishes

A lot of carrots

1 mushroom

Mix them up.



2 sprinkles

3 cups of water

3 cups of sugar

3 cups of water

Cook it for 10 minutes in the oven.

That’s all!


What's New in Grade 1/2

During the month of November the grades one and two students have been working hard and learned a lot! In writing, excitement was mounting as we wrote our letters to Santa! The students had a lot of great questions to ask him and gave lots of examples as to how they have been good all year. Lots of them clean up their toys all the time!

We are always working hard to build independent reading stamina and are making progress every day! In guided reading, we continue to learn reading strategies and habits to help us improve our reading skills. Thanks for helping us with home reading!

In math, we have been working hard to master number concepts. Students have been learning all about what numbers mean and how they can be represented. You can hear the students skip counting from down the hall!

December is proving to be an interesting month already. Here’s to hoping things settle down for us!

Grade 3 Update

For the month of November grade 3’s have enjoyed improving their basketball skills. Students have also learned different strategies for addition. In social studies we have been discovering what life in Peru is like. We have been busy in music class with Mrs. Newbury practicing Christmas songs. We really enjoyed the ‘jawsome’ shark pictures we made in art with Mrs. Helland.

Grade 4/5 News

Social Studies

By Shea

For the past 3 weeks, Mrs. Helland has been teaching our class about the industries and resources in each of the regions in Canada. As we have been learning about each region we have also learned a lot about each Indigenous tribe that were native to that region and their traditional ways of life.


By Addison

In Physical Education, Mrs. Helland has been teaching us skills such as passing, sportsmanship, controlling our equipment and hand eye-coordination. We have practiced using these skills while playing floor hockey, soccer and handball.


By Keeley

In math we have been practicing our basic facts for multiplication. We have also been learning different strategies to help us learn how to multiply using double digits. We have been learning a lot of fun math games and doing a lot of word problems to practice what we are learning. In the last few days of November we started to learn how to do long division.

Language Arts

By Peyton and Taylor

In writing class we are doing figurative language. We practiced using figurative language in a Remembrance Day poem and some acrostic poems. During our reading time we have been doing guided reading. Each of us has been sorted into groups and a book based on our level. We all have pages that we need to read and questions that we need to answer about our book.

Grade 6 Scoop

Health and Respect

By: Ronan S

Look, we all like being respectful right? So maybe we should respect each other like normal people. Treat people the way you want to be treated. That is how life works because, what if you shoved someone down the stairs how would you like it if they shoved you down the stairs? It doesn't feel good so don’t do it if you don’t want it to happen to you.

So we need to eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and keep our bodies all good. We also need to drink water, exercise a lot to be healthy and keep our bodies safe like not doing anything that can harm our bodies like smoking, drinking or doing drugs.

If we do not stay healthy and respect others then it will never get better. Some people don’t respect others and some do but people in VPE people should do it all the time.

It will make them feel good about themselves and not be a bully. So that is why we need to have health and respect.

Electric Science

By: Mya Gauthier

Do you know much about electricity? There is a lot to know about it: the tips, the safety and the FUN!

For the last month or so in school the grade six students have been learning about electricity. We have learned about safety, open and closed circuits, and magnets and we are excited about learning more. We are learning great skills and so much that we did not know before.

We have got to do experiments and create circuits. We also got to use switches, buzzers, lights, and motors. We got to draw and make our own circuits. We got to do a static electricity experiment where we used a balloon and our hair to make static electricity. We also got to use magnets and learn about how they work. There was a lot of hands-on work that was lots of fun. Grade six student Oliver Friesen quoted “ Science is a really fun subject. I love the experiments.”

We look forward to learning more about electricity and magnetism.

The Remembrance Day Google meet

Kyla Mears

Before Remembrance day November 10th, 2021 the kids in the Vulcan Prairieview did a presentation on Remembrance day, they let the kindergarteners sing a song to remember the lost ones or the ones that fought for the country. They also did some poppy paintings that they showed to people on the google meet. Their Grade 6 class was doing the presentation for the whole school to watch in their classrooms.

Some people brought pictures of their family that fought in the war and the Grade 6’s had their pictures in the library for Remembrance day. Laine quoted “We will remember the people that sacrificed their lives for our country.”

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