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norfolk jr. high

by: Dawson A.

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Nursery Rhyme Fairytale or News Story

Directions: Use the link above to read through the Sliderocket presentation. When finished, select a nursery rhyme or fairy tale. You may use one of the links below to locate a nursery rhyme or fairy tale!

1. When you have found the nursery rhyme or fairy tale you want, read it!

2. Answer the reporter questions in detail below! Remember, some information you may have to “make up”!

3. Create a headline & byline to your article (this will go at the top of your article!)

4. Write a news article like the Jack and Jill article I wrote! Look at my example on SlideRocket over Jack and Jill.

5. Create a Google document & Title it as Nursery Rhyme

6. You need at least 6 or more complete sentences for this article!

7. When you are finished writing it PROOFREAD IT for errors- I will grade for this, so make sure to do it!!!!!!

8. Share the document with me & I will grade it and you will get it back to put on your Smore account when we get to that point.

Feature News Article

Directions: Select a topic of your choice!

What do you know about the topic already?

What do you want to know about your topic?

Gather research over your topic. You gather approximately 15+ facts over your topic.


On this page you may use the “Tools” tab at the top. Click the Research button.

On the right hand side of this page a search will appear for you to use for gathering your facts to write your article!

Make sure you include your sources at the bottom of the page!!! EX: (GOOGLE is NOT a source & Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source. A source is a reliable website in which you conducted your research such as (

After gathering all of your facts and information do the following: Write a news article combining your information!

1. Headline & Byline for an article

2. Create an introduction to your article to draw your audience into reading your article

3. Write in complete sentences and using transition words for your body paragraph(s)

4. Type a conclusion to what you wrote

5. PROOFREAD your information; make sure you look for complete sentences, spelling, punctuation, & that it is in your OWN words.

6. Include a picture for your article.

Storybook Information Sheet & Typing Your Storybook

1. Create your story in Google docs

2. Open a Google doc

3. Choose a font that is easy to read!

4. After you have typed one page of information, make sure the cursor is on a blank line and then do the following:


Page Break OR (Hold down the CTRL button and Enter)

This will place the text you need on a new page.

5. When you are finished typing your story make sure you PROOFREAD it!

6. If you have speaking parts in your story each new person speaking needs a new line!


“I want to go to the park today,” exclaimed Jordan.

“Yeah, Mommy! I want to go to Skyview!” yelled Payton.

“Park, park, park, park, park!” the children chanted.


1. Pictures will need to cover an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.

2. The easiest way to search for a picture is to type in what you’re looking for with the words coloring page behind them! (EX: Princess coloring page; boy coloring page;)

3. Focus on pictures after you are done typing your story.

Movie Review Notes

Answer these questions about a movie you have recently seen that you really liked. Use this worksheet to write the notes for your movie review. When finished with your notes, look at the examples and type in PARAGRAPH FORM your movie review.


Movie Title:

Main Actors/Actresses: List their real name & character in the movie.

Summary of the Movie in your own words:

Where did the movie take place? (Setting)

When did the movie take place? (What year?)

Theme/Moral/Message of the movie:

Intended Audience (Circle One): G PG PG-13

Your opinion of the movie (why did you like it?):

Favorite App

Directions: Do you have a favorite app? Don’t know of any apps? What about an appropriate and favorite video game? Now is the time to tell me about it in detail! Here is what you do:

1. Choose your favorite app- Make a title for it

2. Research the app- In your own words write about the app and explain it in detail- summary of app

3. Find a picture of your app- Be able to copy/paste/locate a picture to include with your summary.

4. Make sure you proofread your app & have Mrs. Schnoor proofread it too!

5. After Mrs. Schnoor is done proofreading off of your page, you may include the app onto your smore site!

Creating an Advertisement for the Newspaper

Directions: Choose a school appropriate image that will represent something you would like to advertise about NJH. It could be something like recycling, bullying, studying, friendship, trust, determination, hard-work, etc.

Find your image. Google images seem to work pretty well!

Click the image and save it to your H drive.

Go to to manipulate your image

When you are finished, save it to your H drive.

The image & message needs to relate to Norfolk Jr. High in some way.

Have fun! I look forward to viewing your creations.

Argument For/Against 4th qtr.

The school board is considering the implementation of year-round school. What is your opinion and ideas on this issue.

I will give you each some time to brainstorm both sides of the argument, whether you agree or disagree with it or not you need to come up with ideas for both sides of the argument.

I agree to that year-round school would be beneficial.

I disagree that year-round school would be beneficial.

Choose a side and write a paragraph of four or more sentences supporting why you agree with or diagree with year round schooling.