GHSC Weekly Announcements

April 13, 2014

About GHSC

The Global Health Student Council exists to provide centralized information on Global Health issues and organizations on Cornell's campus.
Hello everyone!

First of all, I hope you all have been enjoying the WONDERFUL weather this weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out to our member organization meeting on Wednesday night. We discussed the future goals of the Global Health Student Council, conducted introductions between our member organizations, and brainstormed ways to increase the presence of Global Health at Cornell. It was an exciting, informative meeting, and we are eagerly anticipating the work that all of our member organizations will be able to do together next semester and beyond.

Speaking of next semester, the Global Health Student Council is accepting applications for the upcoming school year! If you are a motivated, organized individual with a vision for the Global Health community at Cornell, a position on the GHSC may be a good fit for you! Keep an eye out for a followup email containing a link to the application, or email the President for more information at

In addition, since the Global Health Student council is working hard to reorganize for the upcoming semesters, we would like to ask all member organizations to informally reapply, in order to make sure our records are completely up to date. Having current, accurate descriptions of all of our member organizations will allow us to best facilitate communication between the Global Health organizations at Cornell.

We would like to have one, final Member Organization meeting before the end of the semester, so in order to choose a time that best works for all of our member organizations, we have provided an doodle poll.

Please make sure to fill out the attached informal membership application and final member organization meeting time poll ASAP.

Finally, look out for a followup email containing the minutes from this past week's member organization meeting the application for the GHSC Eboard!

Thanks everyone! Please feel free to email with any questions or announcements!


Olivia Roche

VP Communications

Global Health Alum of the Week: Chris Caruso, Zambia Program Assistant

Chris Caruso, Program Assistant for the Zambia Global Health Program

How did you get involved with global health at Cornell?

The biggest why I got involved with GH is I went on a Cornell program. I took NS 2600 in the spring and applied for the program in the spring. I was with Jess Sparling in Zambia. Because Jess did so much the next year, it got me interested in doing more in more. The trip leader was Anna Carroll. I co-facilitated the Zambia program last year as a student.

What is your role as a program advisor?

My role last was to go last summer for the first 10 days to meet with brand new partners and get a feel for what they were looking for and begin long term planning. Coming back in the fall, I have done logistical planning, academic planning, set up goals for students, and redesigned NS 4620 in the fall. I was also involved in recruitment, interviewing, and applications. Now, I am technically the course instructor for NS 4620 and continued planning for the summer. I’m currently working on finishing planning for the summer and cementing planning in the long term.

Where do you see yourself in the future, whether in global health or not?

It all depends on how far you would look in the future. I want to work for National health service corps and the Indian health service. Hopefully in the next 20-25 years, I would like to do health systems dynamics, developing medical health systems in the US and abroad.

What is some advice you would give to students who are interested in the Global Health field?

Just to be flexible. I don’t think there is anything more important than being flexible, whether it is in the field, working on the ground, working with your partners. Flexibility is the basis for working in Global Health.

Member Organization Announcements

Footprints Eboard

Are you interested in global health issues? Do you want to make an impact in countries around the world? Concerned about the shortage of simple life necessities in developing countries? Apply to be on the FootPrints eboard for the 2014-2015 school year!

FootPrints works to increase educational opportunities for children around the world by providing them with recycled, wearable walking shoes. To learn more about our mission and available positions, please email

Global Medical Brigades Fundraiser

Thursday, April 10th, Physical Sciences Building Atrium

Sick of dining hall food or cooking dinner on a Thursday night? Then come to the Cornell Global Medical Brigades fundraiser in the Physical Sciences Building Atrium Thursday, April 10th! Come support a great cause while eating free food for all attendees from restaurants around the Ithaca area. Attendees who donate will get free Chipotle bogo cards, and there will be a raffle to win various gifts! Proceeds will go towards bringing medicine and doctors to our trip in Honduras!

Cornell Global Medical Brigades is a student organization that travels each year to set up and operate medical clinics in isolated areas of Honduras.

Fishbowls for Floating Doctors

Wednesday, April 23rd, Level B 8-10pm

Floating Doctors is a mobile medical relief team (traveling primarily by ship) that aims to provide healthcare to remote cultural communities throughout the developing world. Founded in 2008, Floating Doctors has already delivered 60,000+ pounds of donated medical supplies and treated well over 10,000 patients.

On April 23rd, AKPsi, DSP, BSU, CHI, GlobeMed, and PhiDE are collaborating to raise funds and awareness for Floating Doctors. The event, Fishbowls for Floating Doctors, will start at 8pm at Level B. Tickets can be purchased online for $8 (the link will go live early next week) and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Floating Doctors. From 8pm-10pm, anyone who has purchased a ticket will be able to purchase well drinks/beer/shots for just $2, as well as special tropical-themed mango and lime flavored fishbowls.

Bid Night for Bed Nets

Thursday, April 10th, Physical Sciences Building Atrium

This date auction-style philanthropic event is dedicated to increasing awareness about malaria and raising funds for the Network against Malaria organization based in Uganda. In Africa, one child dies every minute from Malaria. Network against Malaria is an organization devoted to providing bed-nets for both school-age children, and, pregnant mothers who may pass malaria to their children. Given that Malaria has been the root cause of over 1.2 million deaths in the past year, Network against Malaria has made it their goal to offer assistance for those communities in-need of better healthcare. Bidnight for Bednets is sponsored by Network Against Malaria, Sigma Pi Fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon, and the Global Health Student Council.