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May 7, 2021

This is the place to find updates for Teaching and Learning and information about current PL offerings.

Dear Staff,

The spring is here and with that season we see change all around us. We are going to experience change with our leadership. I know we all wish Krestin Bahr the best in her new journey. I also know we will be anticipating our new superintendent and all that they will bring to our amazing district. They will be lucky to lead this great, hardworking group of people. Along with providing opportunities for the students and families of Eatonville. Happy Spring!

The Teaching and Learning Department will be continuing our work with the principals in planning for next year with our UDL/Inclusionary Practices Initiative. AND all things T & L. We are always ready to support you. Please feel free to contact us at 360-879-1000 at any time with questions.




If you have signed up for any of the Katie Novak trainings, we encourage you to complete them if possible by the end of the school year. You officially have until January of 2022.


"Reasons become excuses

as soon as you start using

them to stop trying to solve the problem"

Connors and Smith

"Not everything that is

faced can be changed but

nothing can be changed if

it is not faced."

James Baldwin

If you're helping

someone and

expecting something

in return, you're

doing business

not kindness.


Actions prove who

someone is, words

just prove who they

pretend to be.



Travis Rush Technology Education Lead

May 7th, 2021

Greetings! We have begun the stretch to the end of the year. Many great learning opportunities are happening all over the district. Thank you to all of you that responded to the “challenge” survey to try something new at the end of the year. Here are the many great ideas:

  • Using Jamboard as a digital interactive notebook for independent reading.

  • Creating a google site

  • Creating team shared slides for our Mystery Science performance task and having teams communicate via chats.

  • Class website, perhaps even a Spanish instagram pending district approval

  • Microsoft OneNote as an engineering notebook/portfolio.

  • Virtual field trip

  • Flipgrid video summaries

  • Digital Collaboration Essays

  • A unit from a different curriculum; I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I'm trying to trust the process!

  • To have kids use VR and AI to create virtual field trips for Social Studies!

  • To continue to video record and edit demonstrations so I can be more hands on with students and their work in the future.

  • To incorporate more problem solving activities into weekly plans that allow my students to work together.

  • Maybe Jamboard? I feel like it has always been clunky in staff meetings, so I have avoided it in class.

  • Integrating more Desmos into my classes.

  • Using Meets to team teach lessons. Using Meets to have a parent volunteer remotely.

I am so excited and curious to see how these all go!

Currently Tech Ed is working with math on applied, project based units both at an elementary level and middle school level: DESIGNING A WATER PARK! (Water slides are a fascinating design with slope and other neat math stuff I do not understand!) With a class at EMS, we are also designing a virtual reality tour of Eatonville, with past and present photos for Washington State History. This lesson is designed to be an application and differentiation lessons for those students who want to demonstrate knowledge in a different way.

The BLTT and I are beginning the construction of PD for next year. I am currently building curriculum for Technology Education and Library at the elementary level as well as constructing other district wide needs for curriculum in a 1:1 environment.

I would love it if you have time to read this article and answer the survey questions. The questions center around the “Practices from Remote Teaching.” Meaning, what are practices you began during remote teaching that you intend on continuing during full, live, instruction? In the absence of staff meetings, I know that sharing ideas and information has been difficult. I always loved and continue to love getting ideas from others!


Enduring Practices From Remote Teaching



Travis Rush

Free Clock Hours and $50.00 Stipend

Your Carbon Food Print

CLAMSS PD #3: Climate Literacy, Action and Monitoring in South Sound

May 11th, 3:30-5pm on Zoom + 1.5 hrs Google Classroom (Class code odxxaq)

Local foods: Lower carbon footprint, lessen water quality impacts, and enjoy good health!

PD Enroller Clock Hour Number OLAE0325

Did you know that North Thurston Public Schools is working towards offering a Field STEM experience for each student K-12 in their district? We have worked closely with them to develop a water testing field experience, "Watershed Explorers'', that includes NGSS aligned pre- and post- trip lessons for 5th grade. We are also developing a program for 4th graders around salmon life cycle and Nisqually tribal history. Jana Brock, NTPS Elementary Science Instructional & Integration Specialist, will be presenting about their district-wide initiative at the Nisqually River Council meeting on May 21st. The meeting runs from 9am-12pm. You can join just for the whole time, or for just her segment if you'd like, which starts at 10:30am. Link to register is here: We would love to support Eatonville schools and teachers to re-engage with NREP in this fashion, or in a similar way, to bring Eatonville students in touch with their local watershed!

OPSI Environment and Sustainability

Community Science Workshop

for 6-12th grade Teachers

When: May 15, 2021 from 10:00 am - 2:30 pm.

Explore how local phenomena and investigations in YOUR community can be centered in a Next Generation Science Standards storyline to connect to the interests and identities of your students and support understanding of the impact of climate change.

Online session on May 15th with option to follow-up on May 25th for up to 4.5 STEM Clock Hours and a $380 implementation stipend. Learn more here.

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