Rhode island

An amazing place to get away!

Rhode island has ALL the best places to hang out

Rhode Island has the most historical land sites in the U.S! It has houses from the 1700's and the First Baptist Meetinghouse. It has a flying horse carousel and so much more! This unique old-world feel is seamlessly blended with today's city lights, modern architecture and a whole lot of sass! This is one destination you don't want to miss!

Our amazing beaches will keep you coming back for more!

Staying? You are welcome to join us!

If you feel like extending your stay overnight for a bit more fun, no need to worry we've got it covered! Our five star hotels are the perfect place to stay the night! The best, and my personal favorite, is Hyatt Regency Newport which has a swimming pool (YAY), free internet, and pets friendly rooms! Most of our five star hotels include an amazing view too! So, please feel free to sit back and relax!

What's on the menu? EVERYTHING!

After sight seeing and letting loose, what more is there? Well, how about a comfy chair for your tired legs and some delicious food? So, what's on the menu? Well the answer is just about everything! In Rhode Island, you can have a chili dog for lunch and enjoy some clams for dinner. Wrap it all up with Johnny cakes and Doughboys for dessert. Then a big glass of Coffee Milk to wash it all down! We haven't even gotten to tomorrow! That probably just sounded crazy but it's definitely crazy amazing!

Want to come to Rhode Island? OF COURSE!

Now you've heard all about Rhode Island. You've heard about our mountains. You've heard about our beaches. You've heard about the adventures and historical places. You've even heard about the hotels and food, but there is still one thing left. The most important thing Rhode Island has to offer is something I can't tell you about. It's a surprise just for you: the priceless memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. So, come to Rhode Island. The best place to be!