Detroit Red Wings

By: Ashton Eades

Team Information

Team: Detroit Red Wings

Country: U.S.

State: Michigan

City: Detroit

Latitude and Longitude: 42 degrees North, 83 degrees West

Region: Midwestern

Languages Spoken: English

Region Facts:

1: Twinkies were invented in the Midwest

2: Roller skates were invented in the Midwest

3: The Midwest grows more corn then anywhere in the U.S.

Physical Features:

1: Most of the Midwest is flat

2: Great Lake of Michigan

3: Ohio River

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Team Mascot Information

What is the team mascot? Al the Octopus

Is there any nicknames for this team? No, there is not.

How does the mascot connect to the culture of the region? Their mascot doesn't really have anything to do with the region. Maybe since Detroit is in Michigan and Michigan is close to the Great Lakes.

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When was the team established? 1926

Who was the manager? Ken Holland

Why did they choose this location? That actually didn't choose. They were originally a team that played in British Columbia called the Victoria Cougars. Then their roster was sold to a group from Detroit on September, 25 1926.

Does this mascot connect to the history of the region and how? No

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What is the name of the stadium/arena? Joe Louis Arena

Why does the stadium/arena have this name? it was named after the former boxer and heavy weight champion Joe Louis.

Why has their been a shift in naming rights? More stadiums are being named after major companies because businesses probably pay the people who name the stadium and the team a lot of money.