St. Lawrence Every Friday Note

May 20, 2022

Weekly Update

Hello Ram families!

This was a fun filled week at St. Lawrence! The middle school went to CYO Camp on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, K-3 went to Newfields and 8th grade went to Addrenaline Family Adventure Park.

Today marks the last day of school for our 8th graders. On Monday we celebrate with their graduation. Graduation mass begins at 6PM and the ceremony immediately follows.

Next week:

Some students in grades 3-4 will be retaking the I-Read exam on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday- 7th grade versus teachers kickball game after school mass, followed by Field Day.

Thursday- 1:45 Kindergarten 500 in the parking lot

Friday- Last day of school. PreK awards in the Atrium at 10:00 AM and K-7 awards in the church at 11. IT IS A NOON DISMISSAL.

Kindergarten 500

Dress Code For Thursday

Preschool - Back Home Again in Indiana: blue/yellow/white - Indiana State Flag Colors

Kindergarten - Drivers: white shirt, black shorts

1st grade - Victory Lane: black & white/checkered flags

2nd grade - Honor the Military: camo

3rd grade - Celebrities - dress as your favorite celebrity (must be approved by Mrs. Hummel or Miss Stephens)

4th grade - Back Home Again in Indiana: blue/yellow/white - Indiana State Flag Colors

5th grade - Pit Crew: white shirt, black shorts

6th grade - Security: Yellow (neon yellow) shirts

7th grade - American Flag: red, white, blue

Dine to Donate

Kids Care

It is time to think about preschool! Will your child be 3 by August 1st?


The majority of brain growth occurs in a child’s first five years, and that key time period cannot be replaced.

Saint Lawrence is fortunate to offer two ways to fund free, high-quality, full-day preschool for families who need help covering the cost. Preschool boosts students’ educational and social skills, preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. Here is some information about these programs.
-On My Way Pre-K (OMWPK) is funded by Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration and is available in all counties in Indiana.
-The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) helps low-income families obtain child care so they can work, attend training, or continue their education. The purpose of CCDF is to provide low-income families with the financial resources to locate and afford quality child care, as well as increase the availability of these programs.

You can apply for either program at

Register for St. Lawence Preschool at

Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year!

Registration Procedures

Our preschool accepts the On My Way Pre-k voucher and enrollment is open at The child must be 4 by August 1st to qualify.

  • On May 13th, registration will close for new and current families. Mr. Maxson will take another look at students that are registered and make changes to their status, if necessary.

    On June 6th, Mr. Maxson will take a final look at those students that are registered and make changes to their status, if necessary. Any students that were pending accepted and finished the school year without conduct or academic probation, whose parents have paid their tuition bill and the registration fee, and financial paperwork has been returned to Mrs. Handley - will be marked accepted and added to class lists.

    At that time, if we still have openings in our classes, we will reopen registration on June 13th.

    A note from Mrs. Handley: If you will be applying for any form of financial aid - CHOICE Scholarship, SGO - Tax Credit Scholarship or Father Beechem Educational Fund Scholarship, please bring or email me a copy of Page 1 and 2 of your 2021 FEDERAL Tax Form 1040. Please see samples below of what these pages look like.

Summer Tennis Opportunity

Before and After Care at St. Lawrence

I have been informed recently by the YMCA, that they will no longer be able to staff the program at St. Lawrence beginning next school year. We have been exploring other alternatives since then and have found a partner for next year. I am very excited for our new partners Ivy League Kids. Below, you will find information about their program and what they will be able to provide for us.

Summer Reading Program

Attendance/Mass Policy

Our school day starts at 7:25 am and ends at 3:15 pm. During this time, instruction is taking place. Tardiness and early pick up, although at times necessary, interfere with the required instruction time for your child. Consistent tardiness or early departure greatly hinders your child's ability to learn and become proficient in the required standards set forth by the state of Indiana. Please be supportive of our family handbook and honor the arrival and pick up times to ensure that your child receives the very best education possible.

A note to this. If you are late arriving on a Wednesday or Friday, which are our scheduled school mass days, please take your child to the church prior to 9:15 am. Mass is a special opportunity to spend time twice a week with Jesus in worship. It is a part of our school day and one of the truly special opportunities that students enrolled in a Catholic school get to participate in that they would not be able to otherwise. This is considered part of our curriculum. Please make every effort to ensure that your child is in school to be able to be a part of this time.

Covid 19 Updates

For the week of May 14-May 20:

Confirmed Positive Results: 0

Quarantined students: 0

School Lunch Box

School meal programs nationwide are experiencing many of the same supply chain issues that have impacted restaurants and grocery stores throughout the pandemic. Our school nutrition team is committed to ensuring students have access to healthy meals each school day. Just as families had to make substitutions on grocery lists last year, St. Lawrence may have to make some last-minute changes to our regular menus, based on availability. We hope parents and students will be patient as we sort through these supply chain issues, particularly with breakfast items such as cereal. PBJ Uncrustables are not available either. The upside? Ingredients for our many scratch prepared foods are more readily available and we've been trying new recipes weekly. We remain committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals so that students are ready to learn!

May Lunch Menu

Big picture