TOGETHER WE SUCCEED (September 2020)

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September is Approaching And There is Much to Share!

Thanks for a great start to the school year. It is hard to believe that the end of August is upon us and we are rounding the corner to start September. We thank you all for your ongoing support for your students' academic and social-emotional wellbeing. At Sierra Vista, we stand committed to ensuring that we provide students and families with a rigorous and effective online learning experience every day. We have many resources in place to help support your student and family needs. Please do not hesitate to call our school campus, stop by and seek assistance, or email any of our dedicated SV staff. We firmly believe that together we are stronger and that Together We SUCCEED!

Thank you in advance for reading our Family Newsletter, emails, taking our school phone calls, regularly checking our SV Website (which has been and continues to be updated with new information), and our social media. (All the links are located later in this newsletter).

Here is a link to the 2020/2021 SV School Calendar. Please understand that during this time with online learning and even when we return to hybrid learning with students on campus, many of these activities and events are subject to change to online formats. We want to provide you with a general idea of the year in advance. We committ to continuing to keep you informed as things occur.

Dr. Carolyn Hoffman

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Your Student's Attendance Counts!

Every day/every class period, teachers are taking live attendance to record your students access to their online learning. Please remember that ALL classes are being held online via live daily class instruction until further notice. Thanks so much for helping to ensure your student is on time and logging into their classes daily.

To help ensure your student's attendance is being taken accurately, we encourage student to use these strategies to ensure they are marked present for their classes 1) say hello to their teacher both orally and via the chat box; 2) answer questions via live instruction both orally and via the chat box; 3) when the teacher is taking attendance, to speak clearly and loudly into thier microphone; 4) ensure they have their camera on during the entire class period; and/or 4) say goodbye to the teacher/class via the chat box.

Please check IC daily and help to monitor your student's attendance. If you notice any issues, please email your student's teacher immediately so they are able to check attendance and make changes with our attendance tech at SV.

PLEASE, if your student is sick or unable to attend class for any reason, OR is having any technical difficulties attending any of their classes, please ensure you call SV and report your student's absence or issues. We are making sure we document everything in IC and can assist with connecting your child to their teachers to stay connected with their online learning. Our office number is 661-252-3113 and you will speak with Crital Arriago or you can email her directly at

EFFECTIVE: Monday, August 31st, 2020, Attendance Calls Will Be Sent Home During Each Class Period on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday if your student is marked absent and not present for online learning!


Please use this link to print out a copy of the weekly schedule for online learning!
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SV Annual Back To School Night Will Take Place Online on 9/3/2020!

SV's annual Back to School Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 3rd. (The Online Learning Schedule for 9/3 is a Thursday schedule with periods 1, 2, and 3 meeting between 8am and 12:10pm. We are NOT having any different online learning schedules for students.)

For our Back to School Night Event:

The event will take place online through individual links that will be provided to all families. Teachers and school staff have created informative videos that highlight key information to help your student SUCCEED in each of their classes during both online learning and when students return to campus.

A school-wide message will be sent home to all families to provide them with access to the Back To School Night links. Information will also be posted on our SV Website.

To assist families and their very busy schedules, SV plans on keeping these BTSN teacher/school video links open during the afternoon and evening on Thursday, Sept 3rd and also throughout the day on Friday, September 4th. We hope these extended hours of availability will help our families with the important information teachers and staff have to share about student learning at SV!

If you would like more personalized/individual time to discussion things with your student's teachers, please know that all teachers, counselors, and SV Staff are available for individual questions via live connections during the FLEX Online learning times Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays! Please email your student's teacher/SV Staff individually if you would like to set up time to speak with a teacher via the phone or an online meeting.

You are also welcome to contact your student's counselor, teachers, or SV staff via email or by calling 661-252-3113 if you have any questions about our BTSN or any other needs you may have to help us support your student so they can SUCCEED.


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Students NEED Their Sleep!

Did you know that your junior high students needs more sleep to ensure they are not only academically successful, but also socially, emotionally, and physcially healthy? Your child's brain is continuing to grow and develop and the sleep patterns they develop today will help ensure they have a bright and successful future.

According to Dr. Owens, the director of sleep medicine at Boston Children's Hospital, sleep deprivation negatively impacts brain development. She shares the following strategies that parents can take to help their children develop positive and long lasting sleep habits:

1) Consider ways that devices can be out of the bedroom during sleep time. Maybe it is a compromise and is not every night, but try to make some nights tech-free. Pick a place like in your bedroom, or on a kitchen counter where phones, tablets, and laptops go each night.

2) Consider also committing to having your phone put in the place where your kid’s phone goes — again, maybe this is not every night, but maybe 2 nights a week.

3) Have a set time that tech is off during the school week. And nights when your child says they need their device later for homework, let them know it is their responsibility to get the work done before the decided time. If you stay firm (and loving) over time, they will adjust to getting the work done before the tech-off time. And yes, of course, if now and then, they need more time, exceptions will be granted.

4) Teach your child NOT to hit the snooze button but instead to get up, right when the alarm clock goes off (not a phone but an actual alarm clock). This is because research shows that actual sleep is much more beneficial than the pseudo sleep that happens with hitting the snooze button over and over. Get up and open the shades right away because the light helps turn off melatonin and makes you feel more energized.

To read more about developing positive sleep habits and ways to help your student, please click here:

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We are here for your students not only academically but also socially and emotionally! To help your students SUCCEED at SV, we invite you to visit our "Counseling Tab" on our SV main page where there are numerous resources available for your students. We also encourage your students to visit the SUCCEED center (our school's wellness center) virtually using this link:

This site contains many school and community resources and events to keep your students happy and healthy throughout the year.

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Did you know that the month of September is National Suicide Prevention month? Learn more at:

What Is a Social Worker? Resources and Supports at Sierra Vista!

What is a school social worker?

School social workers are part of campus staff. School social workers are on campus to provide support to improve individual and system-wide student attendance, engagement, achievement, and graduation. School social workers may work directly with students who experience difficulties in achieving their academic potential due to social/emotional, home, and community barriers and provide program-level support services to secure resources and ensure the success of the student.

Who’s my school social worker at Sierra Vista?

Ana Ayala, LCSW, CWA, PPSC (hablo espanol)

How can I contact my school social worker?

Please communicate with your student's school counselor for direct referral.

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Calling All 8th Graders--It's Time To Submit Your Honor Society Application! Don't Delay!

The Honor Society application for the Fall 2020 semester is now available on the Sierra Vista website. There is an Honor Society page under the "Students" tab, and the link to the online application can be accessed there. You can also click here for the link:

Please remember you must fill out the application using your student gmail, and directions on how to add up points for your GPA, along with other pertinent information, is provided on the application's online form.

Once your membership is confirmed in mid-september, Mrs. Marsh will provide more information regarding community service, and address other important questions. However, feel free to email Mrs. Marsh at any time if you need assistance with the application via her email

Just a friendly reminder, that 7th grade students will be eligible to join Honor Society in the spring of 2021!

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Is Your Student Experiencing Issues WIth Technology? Here are Some Useful Places to Seek Assistance!

Do you or your student need some help with technology? Click here to find our information sheet:

Did your student get locked out of their gmail account? Click here to get help resetting it:

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Santa Clarita Public Library's Back To School Resources!

Students, parents, and teachers in your school can access FREE resources with a library card, including live tutoring, test preparation, language classes, and more.

All of these services can be found on our eLibrary

To begin using all of the library's elementary, middle school and high school resources, make sure you get a library card today by visiting or emailing

Physical library materials are still available through our Curbside Service, Monday-Friday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm or Saturday 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. You can also request your materials to be placed in our new Locker system, which can be accessed 24/7!

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Help our Santa Clarita Valley continue to thrive and SUCCEED, by ensuring your family has been counted in the 2020 Census. Every person matters! We need to ensure that every person has been counted in order for the valley to have the resoureces, infrastructures, and supports that help our community grow and thrive. Please don't be left out!

Here is the link to complete the 2020 Census. It only takes a few minutes to complete BUT your participation will ensure that for years to come our students, families, community resources, and partnerships are supported!


Has your student completed their Textbook Contract Card?

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Please ensure your student has completed their SV Library Contract? Click here to complete the form:

Key Information Items To Help Your Student and Your Family SUCCEED!

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Tuesday and Thursday Students Can Come By SV to Pick Up Pre-Ordered Meals 10am -2pm

Sierra Vista is a meal pick up spot! Please visit this link to get more information on preordering and purchasing meals to help ensure your student stays healthy. You can also find the link to the menu items and more information on the Fall 2020 Plan for Meals.

Please be sure that you have completed a NEW application for lunch/meal support for the 2020-21 school year. These applications do not roll over from year to year and your child must have a new application. Lunch offerings will end early September 2020 AND if you do not complete a new form. Please see the link here for more information or have your child contact their counselor, anyone in the office, or our Health Tech. We want to ensure all our students get food every day at SV. This helps their academic success.

The forms are all completed online

If you need assistance in person, please visit our Sierra Vista Main Office, Monday to Friday between 7am and 3pm.



Check out our Sierra Vista Life Video to stay informed about all the great things taking place at SV! This link will take you to the SV LIfe shows! Our teachers and counselors and staff have been creating videos to help your student SUCCEED at SV!

Help Us Connect With You By Keeping Us Informed of Any Address/Phone/Email changes!

In the event that any of your personal contact information changes, such as an address, phone numbers, email address, etc. PLEASE reach out to our school registrar, Mrs. Mia Reed at or by visiting our campus or calling her at (661)252-3113 extension 2027. She can assist you in updating your contact information in Infinite Campus.

Sierra Vista Administrative Team

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