Rebekah Desmarais


Extending to other parts of the world through cultural, technological, economic, and environmental aspects.


All around the world you can experience other cultures by going to restaurants, stores, and meeting new people and learn more about that culture.

Problem- A country's culture can become like another if they buy too many things from another country.

Solution- Make more things in their own country.


Goods and items are manufactured around the world. Depending on how much a country manufactures, it can cause their economy to increase or decrease.

Problem- The lack of goods produced in Mexico can cause a decrease in their economy.

Solution- Manufacture more things.


With the technology we have today, we can communicate with others around the world. This allows us to collaborate and improve technology.



To manufacture items, industries need resources from the earth to make things. This impacts the environment around us.

Problem- Making goods pollutes the air and requires a lot of natural resources from the earth.

Solution- Find a way to make things that are better for the earth.

Maps of Mexico

My Relationship With Globalization

Common patterns within our relationship is that the technology constantly improves throughout my life.

Pros- I get to experience other cultures.

Technology improves.

Cons- Due to the production of many goods all over the world, it pollutes the air and makes it harder for us to breathe and stay healthy.

I can go into a restaurant and buy Mexican food and then go to a store and purchase Australian boots.