The Country of Mayna

by: Dana Absuaoud and Maya Maali

Mayna's Flag

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Welcome to the Country of Mayna

The Country of Mayna is a medium sized country that has lakes, rivers, oceans, hills, and plains. Our country has a population of 100,959,696. The primary language in our country English. Every person is required to go to school up til the age of 18. At the age of 21 every boy and girl has the chance to sign up for the military. The retirement age is 60. Everyone pays 25% of their salary in taxes and 10% in health insurance. Our country is special for being strong. The horse symbol represents strong, powerful, and honesty.

The Six Freedoms

1. Freedom of Religion

2. Freedom of Speech

3. Freedom of Job Choice

4. Freedom of Shelter

5. Freedom of Worship

6. Freedom of Fear

Four Things that are Illegal

1. Stealing

2. Causing harm to a person

3. Not paying taxes

4. Drugs

Type of Government

Mayna's Government is a Representative Democracy.

System of Government

Mayna's System of Government is a Federal System.

Type of Economy

Mayna's Type of Economy is a Capitalism.

Occupation Chart for Mayna

Fun Things to Do in our Country

Fun Things to Do in our Country are:

-Walk the Ocean of Sharks

-Ride the Elevator to the Moon

-Walk the Pathway of Underwater Realm

-Ride the Biggest, Tallest, and Longest Roller Coaster Ride Ever!!