Love your Library!

February 2015

The Month At a Glance...

# School Days = 15 (with a few 2-hour delays thrown in for good measure!)

# classes = 46

# materials circulated = 2058

# books checked out to students = 986 for an AVERAGE PER PUPIL of .90.

Walk-in Traffic estimate = 2408 for a DAILY AVERAGE of 161.

ETS calls ~ 32

# Items Weeded - 94

Plus our usual website maintenance and the added task of Refresh planning!

Storytime with Mrs. Shaw

Mrs. Shaw shared 2 great books with Mr. McLeer's class during their Valentine Storytime. The Runaway Bunny and I'll Love You Forever are classic children's tales of family and love. Be sure to have kleenex on hand when you try to read I'll Love You Forever out loud! Mrs. Shaw has yet to make it through the whole book without leaking a few tears!

Your Library... A Research Hotspot!

February was the month for research. We hosted Nadine Trimble's classes for a website evaluation lesson and research on current social issues. Students enjoyed using our vast collection of books as well as Opposing Viewpoints in Discus. Mr. Husted had his students work on reports relating to Black History Month.

Kathy Beck's classes had a great time learning about World War I through books and websites. What made the project even better was that Mrs. Batson and Becca Johnson, our library intern, showed them how to collaborate on Google Docs to record and present their findings.

Jessica Williamson's classes followed up their novel study of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by creating travel brochures for the countries mentioned in the novel-- France, Germany, USA, Belgium, Russia, to name a few. The students enjoyed working with Microsoft Publisher to create their brochure and fill it with interesting facts about their country. Inserting pictures and colorful clip art was the extra fun part!

Common Core Materials Arrive!

We finally placed and received all our Common Core orders. It takes awhile to spend $14,000!! We hope that the materials we selected will help our classroom teachers and students gain a better understanding of the topics included in their curriculum.

You would think $14,000 would be a truckload of stuff, right?! It is a lot but not nearly as much as you might think. Check out the pic below to see what $14,000 looks like!