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Computer Mission Impossible

*Ram Memory Chip, you see the notches on the bottom, it can only go into the slot one way, those notches have to be in line with the ones in the slot. Make sure it is placed all the way and the white clips are clipped into the notches on the sides.

*Computer Power Supply, this supplies the electricity to all the parts in the computer. This is the only part that contains electricity after you unplug the Power Cord and should only be shown by a Qualified Tech.

*CPU the Central Processing Unit, this sends all the info to the seperate parts of your computer. This is the bottom of the CPU presenting all the pins, they fit into a slot on the Motherboard.

*Cooler,This sits on top of the CPU and brings heat up into the fins of the Heat Sink, then the Fan pulls air up and through the fins cooling them. That is how the CPU is stays cool, or it would overheat and shutdown the computer.