"I Hate Hating"

Why Not To Be A Hypo

Hypocrites create a false view on themselves, by pretending they follow in what they say, and this is, in some ways a lie. As Doctor Zhivago says"Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel" Telling people one thing, and doing the other can cause trust issues. There is no positive effects from being a Hypocrite, you can only descend from there, and once there it takes multiple attempts to sway someones point of view.


hypocrisy can be defined as “an unconscious self-contradiction". It affects our lives and how we live them. it affects our appearance, our speech, the way we look at people and how we judge them. It affects EVERYONE, as nobody is immune. We live in it out of habit and surrender to its boundaries.  The wrong is not society, the wrong is its hypocrisy. This evil unknowing act humanity plays can eefect us more than we can imagine, we can unevolve rather than evolve.

Hypocrisy At Its Finest

Depression, low self esteem, sadness, boredom, insecurity , all derived by a hypocrite judgement provided by others, who are not free of flaws themselves, but  are quick to point out flaws in others.  Adolescents and grown women,  who find unacceptable to not wear anything that is not smaller than a size 6.  Women who feel uncomfortable in their own bodies and have developed enough insecurities to disregard all the beauty that can be encountered in a agile and smart mind, in a wonderful smile, a sparkly sense of humor and an interesting conversation.   People that seem to associate nowadays beauty with the trendiest clothes in the smallest sizes and pay attention to nothing else. This in turn makes us hate ourselves, without any knowledge of doing so.