The Sun Shine State by-Dayton

Florida's information

Welcome to the sun shine state Florida it got tons of sun and sand. Ponce De Leon was one of the first explorers and named it la Florida. It became the 27th state in the 1800. But Spain fond it first then gave it to entangled. Then gave it back to Spain as a war attempts because U.S.A is going fight for it to win it. We got Florida. Florida is now a place of happy worth and fun to go to Disney in Orlando. Orlando is now one of the mane attractions.

Walt Disney

It has 4 amusement parks. It opened in 1971. It has over 16000 visiters per year .


They fish for over 700 different types of fish, as well as crab, shrimp, and lobster. They do logging for pine trees and lumber. They get a ton of honey. They also grow and sell oranges.
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Florida's Land

Florida's land is 54,157 square miles. It is surrounded by the Atlantac ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It has swamplands and lakes. The swamplands are known as The Everglades. It has rolling grass hills.

Fun Facts

It has sun and sand that is why it is clded sun shine state.

It has a state gem it is a moon gem.

It is by the Atlantic ocean.