Chloe Elise Hayes

Born in Washington D.C.

My mother worked at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, she had an art history major from Florida State and met many important people there with it being almost across the street from The White House. I was always surrounded by art and interesting new experiances growing up and I thank my mother for that because she is the one who tought me everything I know about my now passion for the arts. I hope to follow in her footsteps and be an art educator just like she is now.

V.A.S.E (Visual Arts Scholastic Event)

Every year only in Texas this art compotition is held at the regional and state level for highschool students. Every year I have entered at least one piece of my work. The scoring is on a one to four scale a four being the highest. Then the compotition is devided into skill levels based on how many high school asrt classes youve taken. my freshman year at regionals I got a four on my piece and out of these peices with fours they take four of them to the state compotion and there again i got a four the highest score possible other than a gold seal. My sophmore year I got a four at regionals but was not selected for the state compotition, but I was still honored to have recieved such kind scores and comments from the jurrers.

The Schools I Have Attended

MY Refrences