All About Jon Scieszka

By:Aryana Yazdi

Jon's Childhood

Jon, his 5 brother, and his mom and dad love's to laugh, But Jon loved making people laugh instead. At the dinner table he learned a life long skill because of his 5 brother. Make your family laugh and you can grab as much chicken as you want.Ever since he was little he made people laugh.

Some Of His Books

Jon has made a lot of books like The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs ( one of my favorites), the Stinky Cheese Man the fairly stupid tales, KnuckleHead, The Time Warp Trio, and many more. Jon has sold 9 million copies of his books.

What Made Him Write

Jon was a teacher when he graduated collage he taught 2nd grade. The kids he taught would run around and be silly, but when he tried to get them to settle down they wouldn't they just keep running around, but one thing he knew the most is that no matter what the kids will learn even if they aren't listening. So Jon figured out that they were terrific, smart, and hilarious kids that loved to play. That is just one thing that inspires him. Another is Dr.Seuss a writer that always mad Jon smile, other teachers who send him letters that they are using his books for learning, and being the 2nd oldest out of 6 boys.

Jon's writing techniques

Jon Scieszka is that hilarious man who loves making kids laugh since he was a teacher and he has never stopped. He makes fairy tales like the 3 little pigs into master pieces. From the BIG BAD WOLF to the gingerbread man. He has even wrote about his self in a FUNNY way ( not like the auto biographies we read in class) this book has action, adventure, and fiction all in one! Even in a car ride. The tone is happy, joyful, and just plain old funny!

Jon's Curent life style

Jon is currently living in Brooklyn, NY, US. He was born in Flint, MI, USA so he is a little far from home. He is now writing with Lane Smith. He has actually met his partner (not like most writers), but they are the best of friends and their wives TOO!

This was made by:Aryana .M. Yazdi


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