News in 4B

where the "STARS" shine brightly

Cardboard Challenge!!

We welcome all of the parents/relatives/special friends to join us NEXT FRIDAY, October 19 @ 8am for our class Arcade. The children are selling fun passes for $2 or $3 depending on the number of games. The $3 fun pass is of course the best value. :) I will send more information next week.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! to the few parents who donated to our Donor's Choose project. IT WAS FUNDED!!

The dollar for dollar match is still going on so if you would consider donating it would go towards a class gift certificate for the Spring when I will put up another project to earn a class IPad.

The code word for the gift card matching fund is PUMPKIN.

Reminders and Important INFO

*So much learning has been taking place in 4B. I am so proud of the children and the growth they have shown over the past 2 months.

*Scoot Pad homework will continue to be assigned. I added rewards that the students can buy with their coints that they earn. Woo Hoo....

*Keep practicing those MATH FACTS at home!! and READ READ READ.