Principal's News

Term 3, Week 10

5 more get-ups to go .....

What a lovely sunny weekend - it's a hint of what is ahead for us but unfortunately not this week. That's OK as long as we get some sunshine through the holidays.

To all who have attended the First Communions over the past term, thank you for your support and for sharing the load with the Gr 4 team. I know that Nicole, Lenore and Brenda have been constant in their attendance but I am sure that they have appreciated having a buddy there to sit with. Hats off to Nicole and Lenore for the way in which the students displayed reverence and respect for the occasion. In many cases this has come from school expectations about how we pray and behave. With a very full church on Sunday and with lots of distractions around our students were focussed and mindful of the significance of the day. Brenda, thank-you for your leadership, you capture the essence of what St Augustine's is on about so well!

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

What else .....

  • Clean!
  • Clean!
  • Clean!
  • Lenore and Nicole will swap classrooms for next term. Lenore needs to be a little closer to the action rather than being half way to Sunbury. This should not cause any disruption to the school.
  • Keep the date free - Trivia Night October 18th - it would be good to get a staff table
  • 3 keen teachers have already booked in for their ARM early next term. Please do the same or you might be the unlucky one that gets 5pm on a Friday afternoon.
  • The final newsletter for the term will be published this week. Any articles should be added to the folder before Wed.
  • Final planning days this week - make the most of them
  • CLEAN!

Have a restful and safe holiday!

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